World 1 Air Force Info??? Pics

Dec 14, 2004
These were released in NSW NY today for those that werent able to get the livestrongs and i just wanted some info on these.

I don't have much info on them myself.the store manager gave us these for waiting on the livestrongs. they are air force 1 supreme 1 worlds, he said that they're released only in 3 shopsworldwide i believe. they look very sexy in person. clear gum bottom and croc pattern leather on side panels and toebox as i mentioned before. comes with anextra set of baby blue laces.

They look dope but I dont want a pair .... How many people copped these when they said No more Armstrongs ???
As a massive United fan a) I'm celebrating tonight and b) i could do with a pair of these

Anyone help me out?
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