Would a global disaster end all wars?Vol. Armageddon

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So i was watching Armageddon with Bruce Willis and the thought came up, if  a global disaster were to occur, would the wars stop? Would nations together as one, regardless of political standpoints and issues?
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No the spark, will ignite a bigger flame.
Bigger countries will fight for resources to ensure the safety of their people first.

In cases like the Earthquake in Haiti and Chile, the un-affected countries were quick to lend help but if it was a Worldwide disaster
you know damn well China and Russia and basically Europe will all fend for themselves.
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I doubt it.

I look at two examples from Western European history. The black death raged right in the middle of the Hundred Year's war between France and England. In the 16t hand 17th centuries the Ottoman Turks rampaged through the Balkans and vastly outnumbered and out gunned all of Christian Europe and considered it their mission to do what the Arabs had failed to do a millennium ago, bring Islam to all of Europe but instead of declaring a truce among all Christians, in order to fight the common enemy, Protestants and Catholics were viciously fighting each other.

Only attacks from extra terrestrials would unify all of humanity and even then that would not be assured. When Europeans conquered the Americas and Africa they used divided and conquered. If this group of aliens can find a way to communicate and has some basic intel and diplomatic abilities, some nations would cut deals with them. 
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Nope...take into effect some country is gonna look at it as a come up and raise the prices to all their exports. Others might just disregard it and feel no need to panic, opportunists will prevail.
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are we talking on the scale of all the water vaporizing? asteroid collision? Magneto exacting revenge?

Different scenarios would alter the outcome I think.
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End war? Nothings going to end that. We're human. We're violent, territorial animals. We fight and die for our ideals and beliefs
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