Would somebody PLEASE give Kanye West a beatdown?

Well yeah he def kirked over sumthin not that serious, but come on ya'll he lost to Rhianna and "new pop" B.E.P., he's been gettin crapped on......... At least we know he has passion for what he does.....
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he's essentially doing the same thing by dropping her name to get press, you go hero Kanye!
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I actually agreed with this rant... :smh:

ye' passion and rants seem real to me. i applaud passion in ones craft. no one can say he dont' care or that he is nonchalant bout his art.

he has a point bout mtv(viacom) as a whole...they are leech's and they poop on black people consistently.
..... I remember when BET had news.... so that when stores like the JENA 6, Univerisity of MD noose or the kidnapped and rapped woman in W.VA the public would actually know about it......
or remember when there was just balance on bet...

remember teen summit, bet news back when tavis smiley was there. they gave you something besides "we gots to do better" which is nothing but a stand-up comedy show for charlie murphy....he's just not that good of a comedian to have his own material for a half an hour so they give him stuff to talk about....
they perpeutate gross extremes of african american life...

the point of view they show is such a distorted picture, and is unchallenged by artist, or media. the shows they put on television the timeslots these shows go on tv. the fact that they censor some words, but some words they deem acceptable for their preteen crowd.

does that help a bit?
are you serious? it's called Black Entertainment Television. if the network was not built on the platform of providing the African American community with "positive" images then i could see your argument.

their current mission statement is: BET Networks is the pre-eminent entertainment brand serving African Americans and consumers of Black culture globally. so they are saying they are thee standard for African American culture.....that is a GROSS misrepresentation of what they do.

They dont target to every race, nor do they portray every race in their shows, and programs.
^^^ B, I think he may have been talking about MTV in his last post...not sure though.

BET's line-up is probably the WORST depiction of Black America. I hate some of that mess they put on. I think at times, TV One may do it too...but BET takes the cake. MTV tries to play everybody...but it's all ugly exploitation.

How do you have a show air called "Hot Ghetto Mess"?
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I was pretty surprised that the average random person on the street wouldn't know what the NAACP stood for or how many Black justices there were on the Supreme Court.
Due to the fact that fiscally I'm extremely grandiose at this juncture, I can now be referred to as J.R. Paperstacks
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I got money schemes that come to me in my dreams...
Newsflash -- BET been down the tubes since that chick took over (forgot her name).

I haven't watched 2 seconds of that network since "Read a Muth @#%$ Book" got aried.

That was my limit.

But bammas wanna protest VH1.


Back to the topic...

'Ye is talented musically, and that is all that matters to me. I could care less about these celebs and their opinions/personal lives. Just do your damn job and you got my support.

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VH1 soul is my channel, they take it back on a regular. BET has lost a lot of its cred and it soul when Viacom took over its not what it used to be
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Debra Lee, Kev.

You know they picket this broad's house in NW DC damn near every weekend talking about the crappy programming. But, NEWSFLASH: Their programming always have been halfassed and crappy. Even with their so-called news pregrams. They don't develop anything worthy of us as African Americans to be watching.

*Off to que up 'Bamboozeled'*

Ole DelaCroix-@#%$ N's on that Network.

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