WOW.....I'm going to the A&R Power Summit

May 22, 2007

A&R Summit

Ya'll know what this means?

Urban Threshold's Annual A&R Power Summit will take place May 2nd - May 3rd 2009 in NYC.

The A&R Power Summit is one of the most vital music conferences in America. It is the only conference that focuses on the role of the A&R. Each year A&R representatives from the top labels come together to discuss the important issues affecting the music industry today.

After 4 very successful years, Urban Threshold Inc. continues to make it their top priority to bring together music professionals, artists, DJ's, fans, media outlets and more to network, build relationships and celebrate the culture and business of urban music. The A&R Power Summit combines the elements of a music conference, an informational seminar, demo shopping program and an entertainment showcase into one lively event. It also provides an invaluable talent search resource to the music industry professionals present.

For the past 4 years, some of the music industry's most influential decision makers have gathered at The A&R Power Summit to share their music business expertise with the summit's attendees.

The Summit has boasted a who's who of music industry executives. Past Panelists include: Jeff Dixon, Co-CEO of Disturbing Tha Peace, Chivon Dean, President of Ruff Ryders, Jeff Robinson, CEO of MBK Management (Alicia Keys Manager), Bryan Leach, President of Pologround Records, Sha Money XL, CEO of Money Management, Lenny S, VP of A&R of Def Jam, Riggs Morales, Director of A&R of Shady Records, Dre McKenzie, Director of A&R of G-Unit, Tone Capone, VP of Universal, Wayne Williams, VP Of A&R of Jive Records, Super Producer 88 Keys, Super Producer Amadeus, Rapper Maino & Much Much More.

This year's panelists include Jean Nelson, VP of A&R of Atlantic Records, Riggs Morales, Director of A&R of Shady Records, Eric Beasley, Director of A&R of Asylum Records, Dre McKenzie, Director of A&R of G-Unit, Anthony Rich, A&R Manager of Jive, Walter Randolph, A&R Manager of Warner Music Group & liaison to Kevin Liles, Tone Capone, VP of A&R of Universal Records and many more..

The seminar's comprehensive program schedule of panels, workshops, and demo listening sessions address the best avenues for artists to take to get the record deal that will further their career. The event offers lively and incisive moderators, diverse participants, meaty discussions, fantastic performances and spirited debates.

"The mission of The A&R Power Summit series is to bridge the gap between the unsigned artist and the music industry. Our main endeavor is to give talented artists and producers, who have few connections or resources, the opportunity to get their music heard and the chance to receive valuable information regarding the music business," states Jesse Atkinson, CEO of Urban Threshold Inc. and founder of the A&R Power Summit.
Good luck man. If u can't get ya music heard, try to get a job within a company
i aint an artist....more of the marketing/artist relations side of things...

I got a ton of business cards ready
Good job. You should bring RD with you so he can freestyle and shut down the whole event.
Originally Posted by ILLIONAIRE

Remind the A&R's that they're deaf

... Dumb & Blind

This would deffinetly be the year to be present, all these Ns bout to lose they jobs unless they come up with a way to market urban music within the labelstructure... I went in 04... Things done changed
It was crazy.....I was basically in charge of organizing artists sessions with A&Rs as well as little things like making sure everyone had food/drink, gottheir turn, etc...present was

-Octavious Crouch A&R from Motown/Universal
-Dre Mckenzie Director of A&R for G-Unit
-Riggs Morales SVP of A&R for Shady Records
-Til Welch of Battery/Sony Records
-Skids from Bad Boy Records (LOL I kept saying Bad Boy was free and ppl looked @ me like FOH)
-Walter Randolph-Director of A&R for Warner Music Group/DIRECT liason to Kevin Liles
-Ant Rich from Jive

It was fulfilling...I saw my son ENaphn's brother there...he met with Til Welch.....

It was cool. I want on board with it next time....
I SO wanted to get @ this chick..she worked @ Atlantic but was trying out to be an artist...i gave her my card but was running around and trying to handle mybusiness.....i shoulda got her #......

Lenny S aint come thru. Def Jam wasnt represented so i guess they aint trying to sign no one else after Jeremih
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