Wrentham, MA Nike outlet

Aug 12, 2006
whats up ya'll... anyone know what is in the wrentham nike outlet? I kno it sucks, but ive been there a couple times, and i've gotten a couple pairs of 2k5's for good prices... thanks
in my lifetime, i have only seen 2 shoes there that i would buy: Air Max 87 Cork Pack and Air Force 180 (white/navy/red), they both were there at the same time and sold out within 2 weeks.... i bought the Cork pack 87s for $45. passed on the 180's, should have bought. other than that, it's been crap......
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Got some 93's there once that were real nice :pimp:
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my boy told me to post this here, he just visited

AZK1's blackout - 34.99 FSR
LAser mapped 2k5s - 49.99
white/black/sivler penny iv's size 13 - 49.99
jordan trunners 44.99
air max 360 b-ball black/royal - 79.99
lots of size 13-17 football cleats ranging from 9.99-19.99
NEW air max 90s - 59.99
assorted jordan tees - 9.99-14.99
wheat coloured jordan sweatsuits 33.99 pants/33.99 hoody
purple gold 2k5 - 39.99
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sorry, but it was my boy who's in MA right now who gave the heads up, if i talk to him later i'll let you guys know.
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I've only been there once and I can't remember seeing that they had anything good at the time.
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ive gotten tons of steals their over the years, including XI lows, Is, XVIIs, XVIIIs, Euro and JD forces, clogposites and more, though it has been slow lately

i think the kobes they have are the black and purple pair
the saddest thing is this, they had 2006 version Air Max 360's at the back wall with the box tops torn off..... the prices they were selling for: $129.00.... the same and better styles were being sold at Concepts, Footlocker, Champs, Finishline, City Sports, etc... clearance for $80-$100

that place is a sad excuse for an outlet.

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yo.. i guess most of the time, its not the best but i have gotten a lot of nice shoes from there...

i grabbed the mita alpha force II's(29.99), huf air max 1s(29.99), a few gr af1s (39.99-49.99), and some JD sports af1s, which were b grade, but i couldnt see any defects.. (49.99 i think)

definitely been to the outlets many a times and its rare that i leave the nike outlet without something i had the intention of buying for a decent price, whether it be shorts, kicks, or a hoody
I got a pair of Angus there, also a pair of AM87's, but other than that I have never seen anything good. It seems everytime I go there it is not even worth the trip.
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