WTF happened to Bapestas Design?! Did Nike sue??

Old style Bapestas or new style Bapestas?

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I'm sure this is a question that old heads in the sneaker game are asking themselves while they look at the new, butchered Bapesta design. 'WTF happened?'

If any of you remember the Nigo Bape days like I do...the Bapesta was essentially an Air Force 1 with the lightning bolt star swoosh...and the swoosh still is...but the new 'subtle' design change has really ruined it for me. I have yet to see anybody post their opinion about this, and I'm really curious to see what everybody thinks about it. I was still a kid during the golden days of Bape...but now that I'm older and can actually afford a pair of Bapestas....these just really make me frown. Opinions, comparisons, and reviews are greatly appreciated!

Old Style (2009):

New Style (2019):

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