WWE Smackdown Survivor Series Manila Tour


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hell yeah! thanks for the info... i went to the raw showing and sat up front .. it was amazing, im hoping to go again!
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yes he is half pinoy-half greek, born david bautista.
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^^ its real... i've seen that episode 3 times... Its a Philippines flag connected to a Greece flag. (he's also half greek)
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Thanks C.

No cameras and camcorders were allowed inside the venue but I was able to hide my bulky camera into one of my pockets. When the guard asked what it was, I just said it was a two-way radio. :lol:

The security was really strict but they couldn't stop the people from using their cameras when Batista appeared for the last match. The crowd went wild.

Too bad we were seated in the almost ghetto section. :lol:
It was a last minute decision to watch and buy the tickets. The floor was icky sticky. :x
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nice pic Jo,

how did the crowd reacted about Undertakers' entrance is that the same what you see on tv as they called it "spine chilling" with all those special effects?
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^ wow .. is that pic of pacquiao and bautista accurate? if so, damnnnnn manny is tiny!
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Hey Jo... I didn't see your missed call till today. Was caught up with all the commotion at the show. Yeah, the production was "enh" but that's cause their budget was so small. Can't understand why, when WWE, Inc. makes more than most third world nations. Didn't really stay long on both days, since I had to go check on Philippine Idol the same nights.
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