Xbox 360 price cut doubled in Canada

Jul 23, 2004
The Core will now be retailing at ($299.99 in Canada). Which is a $50 reduction as opposed to the US's $20. Within that package, as a recap, you will net a wired controller and not a lot else.

The Premium package will now retail at ($399.99 in Canada), which is a $100 reduction as opposed to the US's $50. Within that package, you will get 20 GB hard drive, Wireless Controller, Xbox 360 Headset, and High Definition cables.

The Elite is down to $499CND now, a $50 reduction compared to the US's $30.
That's my word

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man I love my xbox... but seriously despite these price reductions the hardware problems will always come back to haunt us.

The price reductions come at a good time before Halo 3 though
I finally might get one sometime soon.
Our sales tax will kill you. At least we have free health care!
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i finally mite get one soon also, just got myself a PS3 a couple weeks ago.. and now i can finally cop a 360 for a good price and get Halo 3 and play Gears of War

thnx for the info.. do you know when the price cut will happen?? or has it happened already?
So I'm done school for the summer, and the last time I bought a system was the release of Vice City. I am enticed once again to get an update from my PS2.

I've chosen the Xbox over the PS3 becauseI prefer the online community better, plus most of my boys are on it for games like Halo.

Anyone know besides BB or FS that sell better? Tell me otherwise why I should get PS3 instead.

Thanks fam.
If you're really into online play, forget the PS3.
I have one, but I just use my PC to game anyways,
control sticks are no way to aim.
Of course the Blu-ray is a huge advantage,
but you can find Blu-ray drives for PCs for
$150 anyways.
control sticks are no way to aim


Boom! Headshot!?

Yeah man, that's the only other reason why I thought about grabbing a ps3, the blu-ray, a small thing for my pops at home too.
I play Halo 3, GTA IV, NBA 2K8, NHL 08. I got more games, but those are the main ones I play online...
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