XX3s Patent & Yellowing Issues

Joined May 6, 2009
wow. I only know about the little 23 toungue...didnt know it yellows all the way to the toe box that sad.
Joined Dec 3, 2007
great shoe, i've worn my allstars a million times and they're yellowing a bit too. i don't mind at all, doesn't hurt me. still a damn sexy shoe.
Joined Nov 6, 2008
my all stars are still DS and have yellowed a bit on the tongue only on the top though. i guarantee its because of the gold on the thumbprint bleeding through. the whole tongue however is beyond me. i would guess sunlight.
Joined Feb 11, 2004
I have two pairs, the one not in ziploc bags has yellowed exactly the same as the one posted.
Joined Feb 18, 2007
My Wizards are cool, but top of tongue on my All Stars are yellow only worn casually twice for a quick minute. No big deal they still look DS but clean em after every wear.
Joined Mar 29, 2006
so some people got the same yellowing, some got the tongue only and some dont have anything. That is kind of crazy but to those that got nothing you all are lucky. At least these are replaceable at a decent price. IF this happens to my wizards it will be hell to find another sz13.
Joined Mar 20, 2008
Like baby said It seems to be only on this colorway.  I had two pair,  one ds.  Yellowing on the tongue of both pair.  Sold them.  Funny thing is my grey stealths have no yellowing and are left out in the open.
Joined Mar 13, 2007
My XX3 All-Stars tongues came pre-yellowed on release date.

None of my other white based XX3's have this problem though.
Joined Sep 18, 2006
just adding to the thread.  My AS have yellowed on the tongue as well.  Nothing you can do...sucks.
Joined Dec 29, 2008
Exact same thing happening to mine. Not as bad as yours yet though.
They're DS and been in my closet since release. Damn.
Joined Jan 14, 2001
This is a challenging problem for a $185 retail shoe that is roughly 2 years old....we still have about 8 pairs in stock (all star colorway) and almost all of them have some type of yellowing up near the tops of the tongues. These pairs have never been out of the box, and are stored in a climate controlled, smoke free storage unit.  For the people that collect, this is, understandably,  a frustrating thing.  I will say for those that wear their shoes....go ahead...wear them....do the "unthinkable" and actually play ball in a pair of Air Jordan's....they are a great performing model...try to at least enjoy them from a functional perspective.   

I will say that we also have the quickstrike wht/red and some pairs of the Wizards/Unc/Bulls colorways and this is NOT happening with them.   Sure the All Star colorway came out first and is therefore older....but hopefully this wont happen with any of the other colorways with the patent (or non-patent). 

For those using Sea glow, or any other type of restoration product....I hope it goes well and look forward to your posting and showing us your good results....

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Originally Posted by jokerista

the solution is to try the sea glow?

have never tried using sea glow but just wondering is it even safe to rub that on patent leather?
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Originally Posted by ebe2023

Originally Posted by jokerista

the solution is to try the sea glow?

have never tried using sea glow but just wondering is it even safe to rub that on patent leather?
you can try it, but i know that sea glow doesn't work on patent (i.e. columbia xi's).
Joined Jul 25, 2005
I have every pair of XXIII's and the only one yellowing are the ALLSTARS.... Even my grey ones that I beat and play ball in are a crisp white still... I don't get why it's just the Allstar colorway, because it's not the only one with the gold behind tongue... Oh well, still a pretty shoe!!
Joined Dec 3, 2007
unlike many other shoes, the yellowing on allstar xx3 doesn't really ruin them at all. quit crying.
Joined Jan 2, 2007
I find it funny how some people "claim" that the yellowing on the tongue tabs is not normal. Yes it is normal for this particular colorway. I keep all of my shoes clean, with the highest regard, and I own doubles of this colorway also.

All-Stars are notorious for tab yellowing. I keep a pair, brand new, deadstock, in a cool dark closet and the tab is not yellow..but is not as white as the other XX3 colorways that I own which are kept in the same closet, and are deadstock as well...(white stealth, chicago, motorsport, carolina)

The pair I wear, I just use as beaters. It's not the most comfortable Jordan I own, although I did initially like the colorway, but the pinky toe issue is a problem...but that's another story. Again, I just think it's common with this colorway...could be a variety of things...
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