YAKUZA VS MAFIA VOL.They use a computer to decided to winner.

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i think they would used at least a samurai sword instead of nun-chucks
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If I were to be confronted in an alley by either the Yakuza or the Mafia, id be dead scared of the Yakuza. Japanese people dont play, plus you dont know whatthey are saying to each other when they are tying you up.
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Originally Posted by i3allistic

Originally Posted by killaotaku

The Yakuza use nunchucks during a gun battle?
serious, i was thinking same thing ...
to the weapons of choices for the Yakuza ...
.... you guys both saw the nunchuk guy fighting a guy with a bat right?

Bat vs Nunchuk = gunfight?


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i would tht the yakuza would win....
theyre just messed in the head....
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