YO! MTV Puma Suedes release. Sat 9/15 LDRS North

Jul 31, 2001
Well, they're in.
BDK, MC Shan, and Doug E.Fresh as well as the matching apparel this Saturday. We'll open 11-8.


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^i actually like them...puma clydes are an underrated shoe...not alot beast on em
I've been wanting to pick up a pair of Puma Clydes....BDK's look fresh.

Donjuan how much are you guys selling them for??

And I know you have 2 locations will they be at the N. Milwaukee spot.


P.S do you expect a big turnout, I live about an hour away.

those are nice, I wish my boys shop in detroit was getting them in. But where can I find the ED and Dre's...????????
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God the Doug E's and MC Shan's are fresh.
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I just bought one of the hoodies there, and they said he is coming but I do not know what time.
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