YO! NikeTalk Essentials: Ice Cube update pg. 4...

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YO! ^ I was hoping it'd get more input. I've left this open long enough. I'll compile a final list and lock it up. :\
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Ghetto Vet!!!

(my bad for the lateness, first time in the music forum)
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I'm sorry but I don't come here a lot. Where are the other NT Essentials??? I did a quick search in the archives and didn't come up w/ anything.
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YO! ^

Essential: Wu-Tang Clan *EDIT* Check last page....
NikeTalk Essentials: Outkast (completed pg. 7)
NikeTalk Essentials: Mariah Carey (completed pg. 6)1 - It Was a Good Day
2 - Check Yo Self (remix)
3 - No Vaseline
4 - Dopeman (NWA)
5 - Jackin For Beats
6 - Steady Mobbin
7 - Once Upon A Time in the Projects
8 - True to the Game
9 - Color Blind
10 - Wicked
11 - You Know How We Do It
12 - Bop Gun
13 - Bow Down
14 - Gangsta Gangsta (NWA)
15 - Push Rhymes Like Weight
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1 - it was a good day
2 - check yo self (remix)
3 - the @#%$ ya love to hate
4 - true to the game
5 - steady mobbin
6 - no vaseline
7 - wicked
8 - you know how we do it (remix)
9 - you know how we do it
10 - bow down
11 - natural born killaz
12 - penitentiary
13 - the world is mine
14 - down for whatever
15 - make it ruff make it smooth
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"Never gonna get it" of The Predator ablum i think, the song that copies En Vogue's hit.
Love how he talks about the police in this song
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I knew it wasn't gonna make the cut.

But, anyone wants to feel the true genius of this dude and his lyrics/production team in his prime, check out "A Bird in a Hand" from Death Certificate.
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