Yo who here...

Jun 18, 2008
stays friends with their ex's...alotta my friends do, but I think it's pointless cuz some of them actually get friendzowned by their own ex
happened to me...so the question I ask yall is do yall stay cool with your ex?why or why not?
Just one. And that is only as of recent. And the ONLY reason we are friends is because he was my friend for 5 years before we even started dating.

The rest no. And don't care to be.
I wouldn't do that

just recently I started talking to an old gf but thats cuz I would see her like every other day so I said F it
i do with most,
always the possibility of sex down the road if you already did it once..
i do.. it used to cause some issues with my bf but he got over it because its CLEARLY not like that
I was in a serious relationship for 4 year so we always said if we broke up we would stay friends... well we broke up twice in that 4 year period and beinfriends never worked. So the last time i just said $#%+ it. Haven't talked to her since
I'm still koo with them, but I keep 'em at a distance.

Ain't nothin' worse than trying to figure out the parameters of a relationship with an ex-ex-ex girlfriend.
before my ex and I broke up we were together for 6 years....we've come to terms that we don't work on a bf/gf level. we still have our friendshipthough and i am thankful for it
depends on the type of relationship we had prior to being together...some of my ex's i'm cool with others i'm just cordial to, but i don't haveany that i hate.
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