yooo 90+ degrees is TOOOO HOT!

May 25, 2003
hey don't get me wrong I loveeeee the sun (to the point sometimes i question why i live in this rainy state haha) & especially since we only get a few good/sunny months a year.

HOWEVER, 90+ degrees is TOO DAMN HOT! haha
And tomorrow its suppose to be anywhere from 90-100.

80 degrees is perfect for me!
Yes plus I am fair skinned and fat. Thi is a killer, but F it I am off to Alki to smoke a cigar and stair at 19 year old trim.

Team Pacific Northwest​
yoooo it is

im taking a day off to go wakeboarding and jet skiing tomorrow!

man Lake washington is gonna be great tomorrow!!
Team Pacific Northwest​

The General Forum made me stop collecting!!​
Wimps. All of you guys.
Keep the Sonics in Seattle​
Ray / & KEVIN/ & Rashard / & Chris / & Luke / & Earl / & Damien / & Nick / & Johan
<-------------- wimp

I hate extreme weather.....give me 40-79 degree weather and Im good. Anything above or below just wont work.
the only good thing about this is the chicks runnin around here on the waterfront in sports bras and lil shorts. I cant complain about that at all. It almost makes me wanna go jogging behind them

but I dont jog.
Say Hi to Mickey and Goofy for me Rashard​
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