You cannot post in the General forum unless you've been a member for over 1 month.

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Methodical Management

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Dec 8, 1999
Due to a recent outbreak of cowardice, NikeTalk now requires that all new users must wait 30 days before gaining posting access to our General forum.  In the meantime, you may continue to view General forum content and enjoy the rest of our community.

For over a decade, NikeTalk implemented a stringent user screening process that prohibited new users from posting to our forums at all until their applications had been individually approved by a member of our staff - and the approval process itself occurred only once per month. 

This approach allows new users to access the majority of our site right away, but, due to the nature of the General forum, we can no longer permit instant access here.  

We regret the inconvenience, but we believe that this measure will improve the overall quality of the forum by increasing user accountability, encouraging new users to learn the ropes before diving in, and inhibiting pitiful forum trolls. 

If you've been registered for more than 30 days and you still cannot post in the General forum, simply contact me or any member of our staff and we'll be happy to assist you. 

Thank you for your patience.  
Not open for further replies.
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