Yuku Convert?

Joined Feb 26, 2005
Anybody else have that little 'gift' at the top of the screen?

[h2]Convert Profile Data[/h2]

You are about to upgrade your profile. All of your data will be converted except for your skin customizations. Your photos may take up to 48 hours to convert, and you won't be able to revert back to your old profile once you convert. You'll still be able to interact with everyone (send private messages, invite to your community, etc.), and be able to invite others to convert in order to befriend them or leave a comment. Since the upgrade is an early preview, you may encounter a few hiccups that we'll be resolving during this phase to make way for exciting new features on the way. Confirm upgrade?

So uh...
Joined Nov 20, 2003
Hmm I don't have that. I hope NT moves off the Yuku platform soon though. It's a poor browsing experience at least three times a week.
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