Yung Lee-Drokin' (produced by YoungMoneyChris)

Oct 18, 2006
Well i know i been mia from NT for a min, but im back and im letting yall hear what i been working on as far as music. This cd here is a mixtape me and afriend made in which i produced the tracks and he laced them. This is a new sound of music we carefully took our time and created. It is entitled Drokin'(Drokin & Smokin) which is the feeling that you get when you listen to this new sound. Give it a listen and let me know what yall think as far as lyricalcontent and production.

Yung Lee-Drokin

shoutout to the homie Time...he listened and gave feedback to alot of these beats as i was makin them.
and add me on the twitter.
ya'll performed at the keke show, right? couldnt make it out that day.. i threw the show the day before @ spiros..
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