Z Gorres vs Fernando Montiel Championship fight! Feb 24

Apr 4, 2003
with Rey Boom Boom Bautista and Jimrex Jaca as undercards this saturday, also my b-day :b

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anybody know if this is televised here in the US? thanks
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yikes salamat...wala ako tfc... hanap ako tropa na magkukupkop sakin ...salamat
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Nice shirt design! Good taste!

Wow Chuck Liddell! Just wondering dako.. Have you met the guy? Hehe
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Ey nic long time no see or chat or etc...How's it goin?? Still playin ball?

Too bad I can't watch the fight live...will have to settle on the tube.
^^ nah hardly playin coz of work and gf....I still got some speed but can't sustain it....prolly in a span of 3 years, I only played 6x hehehehe, so if we ball...after 3x running the whole court...I'd be calling time out heheheh

Too bad Z lost the fight through UD but hats off too Boom2x and Jimrex for winning the fights. Hats off to Z for doin his best
boom boom with the 3rd roun K.O

butar butar and jaca's match....nakakatawa..ang lakas mang asar tapos nahiga lang hindi na tumayo..anu kaya yun?Lol

and feel bad for Z..he got robbed...
sup guys, i had the honor of being in Z's corner during the fight... Wow, what an experience. First round, he was so tense, he didn't have his normal movement, we all shouted "RELAX, RELAX!" He still won that round though since he was more aggressive. Though Montiel blocked alot of his shots, Gorres tagged him late in the round.

2nd round was Gorres too, 3rd round Montiel had the more solid shots, and 4th to 9th, Z was controlling the fight. Before the 10th, Coach Edito told him "9 minutes ra Choy, ato na ang bakus!" "9 more minutes Choy (we call him Choy) the belt is ours"

10th round, this is where Montiel's experience won... both fighters were tired, but Montiel was even more tired as his hands were down, he was flat footed, and the mouthpiece was coming out... Gorres still kept his movement... BANG!!!! Montiel timed a right hand which buckled Gorres knees and i saw the white of his eyes! We shouted "GAKOS CHOY, GAKOS!!!" "GRAB HIM CHOY, GRAB HIM!!!" So he did, and they both fell to the canvass. Montiel up first, Gorres took awhile to get up, shaken from that punch and had a glassy look. I shouted "ayaw pa-ila rogi ka!"ed interviewing the teary eyed Goress, and Gorres as polite as he is, just wiped his tears and answered every question Dyan threw at him.

Anyway, I'm so proud of the little guy for his performance... he such a humble person, he didn't blame the ref or judges "ok ra ko sa desisyon, basig dili pa na para nako" :lol:
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