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Can you guys school me on Zipcar?  Or anything else similar to Zipcar that is maybe better...

Basically, I need it for just one day, not even the whole day, probably just like 8 hours or so, would be driving maybe 50 miles total.
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It's one of the better options if you live in a city/densely populated area. There are more selections/cars available usually, compared to if you were in a rural/suburban area you would be lucky to even find a zipcar, let alone one that fit exactly what you were looking for.
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First 250 miles are free of charge with the rental. For 8 hrs, you may be better off renting the zipcar for the entire day vs. by the hour. If you rent by the hour, there's a late fee of $50 plus additional rental charges even if you bring the car back just 1 minute late.
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