Zoom Kobe I vs. Zoom Kobe II vs. LeBron Zoom Soldiers

Aug 13, 2007
What's up NT! I've been reading the forums for a few months now, and I applied a while ago, and just got my membership approved.

Anyways, I was looking for a good (outdoor) basketball shoe, and I narrowed my choices down to 3 shoes, Zoom Kobe I ($80), Zoom Kobe II ($110), and LeBron Zoom Soldiers ($110). I mainly play outdoors, rarely indoors. I was looking for a shoe that will last outdoors.

I heard LeBron Zoom Soldiers were nice, and they stood up outdoors fairly well. I heard a lot about Zoom Kobe II's as well, but I'm not sure about they're durability outdoors. I haven't heard much about the Zoom Kobe I's durability outdoors but my friend has it, and he plays outdoors like I do, and says they're fairly comfortable and hold up well outside.

Mainly play Point or Shooting Guard.

Anyways, I just need you're guys experience on which shoe is the best for outdoors play...and if there are other shoes that you guys recommend, I'm open to that too. I wouldn't like to spend more than $110 so the ZKII and ZS are my limit.

Thanks again NT, and sorry if I did something wrong in my first post.

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id say get the soldiers.

they would have better outdoor traction compared to the Kobes, and they are build withstand much more of a beating. I tried them on, and the cushoining was hard than the LBJ 4s.

Besides, the way the Kobes are built around the midsole, once the thin outsole is gone, you will REALLY be playing on zoom air

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i have and play in both, and for outdoors i definitely prefer the soldiers.

btw, you can definitely get both for cheaper than that. i got my kobe 1's for 27.99 and i got my zoom soldiers for 34.99 :smile:

if you go with the soldiers order them from finish line and theres a coupon for 25 off of 75 or more. coupon code: 141388
^^^ you can definitely find Kobe 1s for that price or a litte bit more. You should hit up a Nike Outlet tomorrow between 10am - Noon for 30% off all basketball shoes (if you live close to one). You'd probably find something good to ball in.
Thanks guys, I guess I'll be going for the Soldiers. I know the prices are cheaper, the Zoom Kobe I's are $30 at the nearest outlet. The Soldiers are only $90 at the footlocker at the mall, but they don't have the gray/black/red colors I want.

Btw, mt3130, is that coupon 25% off, or $25 off?

One more question, I already know that Soldiers are better for outdoor, but for indoor, let's say I try out for my school's team, which are better for indoor? Just in case, so I don't make another thread.
It took me a while to get my membership, anyways, we're both here.

Back to BBall shoes, Soldiers were my final choice until AdiMac said LeBron 20-5-5...so?
So, I should get the 20-5-5 over the Soldiers?

I just found out that pys has it.
$100, but they got my size...other colors are sold out. Not really feelin the gray, it's ok, but it's just for ball.

So one last time, lol, Soldiers or 20-5-5?
There's a whole forum dedicated to sneaker reviews, you should check it out sometime.
Will do...but my final 2 are LeBron 20-5-5 or LeBron Soldiers...hmm...which one. I could get the Soldiers for $90-$110, and the 20-5-5 for $100.
another suggestion..not in your list....how aBout the zoom bb?

i prefer the soldiers.

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I actually saw the Zoom BB at the Footlocker, and they seem like great shoes. But I don't know how they'll hold up outdoors. It's not like I'm choosing the Soldiers or 20-5-5 because they're LeBron's shoes tho. My fav player is Kobe, no matter what, but I'm not getting his shoes cause from what I heard, they're not as durable outdoors as the Soldiers or 20-5-5.

I was sold on the Soldiers, until 20-5-5 came up. So far, about half choose Soldiers, and the other half choose 20-5-5. So, one final time, lol, which one?
You're worse than my fiance... use all of the info available to you (sneaker review forum), stop wasting bandwidth, and make an informed decision for yourself
^^^^ Well sorry, I did go to the Sneaker Reviews section and I checked out whatever I could about the two shoes.

I guess I'll be getting the 20-5-5 then....
You're worse than my fiance... use all of the info available to you (sneaker review forum), stop wasting bandwidth, and make an informed decision for yourself.

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