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Has any NBA jordan brand players worn the flints in a game yet? If so pics?

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Went to finishline around 6, waited in the car wit my friend till they opened the mall at 8. Opened one door a few good 30 heads were there...every1 ran to the closest store and me and my friend jogged to finishline at the end....he was 1 i was 2nd and we jus waitied till 9 and went in and copped the Cardz wit no prob...mad heads beind us though..Dont really do the wakin up early 2 get jays thing..Plus my mall aint that great...South shore mall in long @#%$.:D
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Are you guys kidding!?!?! I had to wait 3 Hrs in line for them, and barely got them... these were a joke :rolleyes
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I got the cards from Niketown very easy & the flints out here in NY. Raining & @#%$ was cool though. I need another flint if anyone has them.

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Got my brothers size 8 no problem but only one pair per person rule in effect so i couldnt cop my 11.5 and then after looking for someone to buy them for me guy pulls me back in and says "what size did u need again? "11.5" "oh mannn i just sold it." so i got a 13

so with that being said

anyone from the bay want to trade my size 13 for a 11.5 or 12?
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oh yeah got em..but what else is new>D

yo i took a snooze on them flints....guess da white pull tab turned me off (yes i loved da colored pull tabs)
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not a bad day went to a spot in the city at about 10 to 9:00, two dudes in front of me copped the last in my size they said there were only 11's left went to another spot a few blocks away first person there, they opened about 20 minutes late but went in copped both colorways in my size and was on my way, other than the rain and the wait it was a pretty easy copp
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Woke up at 830am then my boyz scooped me up then we headed to our local spot (Eblens). Copped both pairs size 12 wit no hassel. Da Flints were def. limited in my area. Both colorways are fiya IMO. Dont sleep on da Flints!
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this was very easy to get. i woke up and went with a few friends to the local mall around 7:00. by 8 am, we snatched 2 size 9s, 1 size 11, and 2 size 12s of the cardinals. only a few people were there for them, not bad. whens the next jordan release? haha
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im so glad these shoes were easy to get!!!
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Heres my story, I wake up at 7 and leave my house at like 7:30 to go to my local finishline. I get there and was waiting for the doors to open to the mall at 8 the store wasn't opening till 9. So its me and 2 other dudes and at like 8:15 the champs manager walked by and told us they have the cards and are opening at 9 too but he might open a half hour early. So at like 8:30 10 more heads show up including my 2 dudes so i was like im not losing my spot so go check champs he calls me and tells me theyre gonna open in 2 minutes so i run down there grab my pair and walk past all the ppl still waiting in line at finishline.:lol
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they damn near gotta FSR still on niketown. got mines with no problems all 3 pairs
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Woke up at 4.30 am, got to the mall at 5.00 , was second and line and copped both for retail.
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i got myyyyyyyyyy pAir
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I OVERSLEPT and woke up at 10:30 or so....I was pretty pissed and called finishline and all the stores at my local mall and they said they sold out. I was getting a little worried because one of my friends said there were quite a few people there. I was thinking about getting them on eastbay but decided to call another mall. A lady picks up the phone and I ask her if they have the cardinals (they don't really get a lot of good jordans) and she's like "THE WHO!!?!"...I dunno why but she sounded offended. After a long pause she put a guy on and he said they had a size 10.5 and 11.5 left so I got ready and quickly went. Bought the size 11.5 with no problems except for the guy trying to sell me the shirt that went with the shoes...and the lady yelling at him for trying. Overall, I'm happy cause I got them....
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^^^congrats dude!

which pair did u get?
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Take note JB

General Release=Easy Cop

Easy Cop=Sastified Consumers

Sastified Consumers=Likelyhood of future pick-ups. 8)





I love you and have a nice day
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if anybody missed out which is very uncommon try they have the flint grey 7s for 130 and the kid prices are only 75
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^^^nuff said kid
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Went to my local @#%$ around 9:30 am, there was nobody there and they had tons of pairs...easily copped my cards


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just couldnt get the flints... those are sacramento kings colors(lakers fan :P)
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Man all i have to say is I got my 2 pair the cardinals and flints but man it was so much cussing and pushing at the door of the mall, one guy(who i feel sorry for) got pushhed into the glass and trampled all over the security was pissed and ended up calling the ambulance for the dude i sure hope after all he went through he got his jay's....and second

for all the Nike talkers who got the flints with glue stains it easily come of with a toothbrush..beacuse mine had a glue stain on the toe part but as soon as i got home i brushed it off with a toothbrush and u can't even tell anything was there....
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Only 5 people at Salinas mall, I got both, but they were being SHADY about smaller sizes. I think they sold out of both
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woke up at 9am, went to my local mall...copped 2 pairs of Cardinals size 13's from Champs, was outta there by 9:15. This was such an easy release. i'm glad JB produced more this time. However, my local spot didn't get the Flints, so i had to order off of eastbay last nite. Called customer service this morning and lady said they already shipped!

This is actually my first pick-up since the DMP, so there was a big difference in the difficulty of acquiring these vs. DMP. Overall, the quality of mine was pretty good. I still think JB needs to do a better job. Anyway...CARDINALS are FIRE!!! lovin' them.

I wonder how long till' Cardinals sell out? Since they were GR, prolly everyone and their mother is going to have these shoes. i don't care tho' , i'll still rock mine anyway.
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i left at 3:40 to go to serramonte.....waited in line for 4 hours. the lines were thick especially on the footlocker i went to the footaction side....copped my pair of cards and flints with no problem...this is also my first time lining up early for a shoe...i usually just go online and then go to sleep.
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woke up at 8 went to norfolk navy base (not da main one, little creek) got there not hassel for 109.99
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This was definitely an easy pick up, but for all those who are saying that eastbay and all these other sites have a FSR you should first try adding the sizes to your cart cause Eastbay is sold out of 9-13 of the flints.
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At first I was just gonna cop the Cards maybe even a second to stock but after seeing the flints I had to cop two pairs of flints and one of cards cause the FLINTS ARE FIRE!!!
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Went to WSS at 9am as soon as they opened. only me and another guy there. easy easy easy. i bet it would still be there this afternoon.
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i guess its safe to say that this is one of the greatest retro releases in terms of satisfied consumers in a LONG talking a few years.... plenty to go around for everyone....

Finally i must say, GOOD JOB JORDAN BRAND!
wanted: finishline winners circle rewards
wanted: finishline winners circle rewards
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