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*****Official Cardinal VII and Flint Grey VII Post******* - Page 55

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should get mine tomarrow ordered friday night tracking is on their website just sign in.
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Got my finishline order in today (Flints Only) and i ordered SUPER late!!!! got tha cardinals easy at footlocker saturday night..

Thank you finish line...
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For all you guys out there looks like eastbay does have the cardinals and the flints listed on their website but when you go to order any particular size it comes back and says "sorry..we're out of stock on this item please try again later?"
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Quick any of you giuys lace your 7's all the way up to the top? I mean like even laced through the "ears" on the sneakers?
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yea, that means there's none left.
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yea, they are out of stock now. they were briefly available earlier today. i know because i copped a pair of flints.
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Damm!!! sure glad I got mine before they sold out..
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nice little collection of VII's "SHOESHOT707"

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nice little collection of VII's "SHOESHOT707"

Thanks bro... im tryin to copp those citrus when they drop too!!!
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how do u think purple laces would look in the flints
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I saw a lot of 7's at school today . makes me wanna keep em on ice for a while

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^ co-sign..i was rockin flints and i saw some girls rockin prolly wear mine 1 time every couple of weeks,until i get the cards
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reclesz, i ordered my flints off of their and i checked the status on my order this afternoon, and mines was completed. i haven't received a tracking e-mail either, but you can track your package on their website.
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Man I got my cards wit no problem, I didnt even wake up early. My mall was a sleeperr
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my flints shipped and my chambarys have been released to ship...i guess eastbay comes thru afterall
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hey rockme11, where u at in providence, i live in prov too! If i would of known i would of bought them off u instead of ordering online.
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When I was in flushing getting there was this kid who got punched in the eye over them or he told me he had a fair one. eye was bloody as hell over some shoes...I couldnt believe it & he was still waiting in line for them all beat up & clothes torn. talk about hype...

when was this? i got mine in flushing with absolutely no trouble.. no line, just walked in at 9, got my sz 12 cards, paid, and bounced.

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ok im a little confused, why dont any of the viis this year have the classic cool design on there tongue. Thats one of my favoriite part about them. I saw some 1 wearing flnits 2day and they did have the design but just now I checkd and in the post of all the releases coming out this year the design isnt there, like i said im confused. do the chambrays have the design, will the citrus'?
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lombardi sports
1600 jackson street
san francisco, ca 94109

yes they do phone orders.......they have the cardinals.
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I went to serramonte yesterday and they had a bunch of Cards but no Flints. Alot of the displays were 10.5's.
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i got mine from today... i was surprised because i didn't see a email sent to me about it being shipped... my friend who ordered the same time won't be getting his until the 28th.. weird... now i'm thinking if i should sell this pair, get my refund, or exchange for the cards because i already copped a pair on saturday morning :)

lol.. bet once i walk into finishline store with those flints, they'll be surprised... i guess that finishline store will be lucky or maybe i should sell just sell them to someone... size 11.5 flints up for grabs... pm me
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people are wearing these left and right... i'm keeping mine on ice for a few months from now, when cats forgot about them, or tore theirs up ... that's when i will break out my pairs!

how is the creasing on them? horrible?

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Both colors were easy to cop in NC just like most release I LOVE IT IN THE SOUTH!!!!:hat

There are still Cards and Flints in all sizes laying around everywhere for retail...
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There are still some sizes left in both colors at Kicks in LA the one on larchmont if anybody still needs some.
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jordan guru, im located in warwick near the mall. yeah i was going to order online but got lucky at footlocker.

repping the red sox/pats
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bc60997, not in Fayetteville bro, just the Cards.
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im a try to keep my cards on ice til i get my flints shipped to me... but i was thinkin about exchanging my 9 for an 8.5 cuz these run big... but i might end up keeping these cuz my whole collection is a 9 including the flints that didnt come yet
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how do these run?? i usually get 10.5 air forces and im starting to expand on j's and was wondering wat size i should get??
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Man the cardinal 7s were mass produced! They still everywhere in NYC! But for the flint 7s, only in kid sizes lol.
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