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Official ***WASHINGTON NATIONALS (44-77)*** Season Thread Vol. R.I.P. - Page 11

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smh. image

the depression continues. image

the offense is imageimage.

chico is a mediocre piece of %!*%. image

my dude dukes needs to come back ASAP. obviously he's not gonna instantly jolt the offense, but he'll def be a big boost.

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and i'll admit it, zimmerman is STRUGGLIN right now.
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take that HBP belliard!
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c'mon belliard!!!!!!!!!!! what a horrible excuse for a sac bunt.
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Milledge going to do something here.
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ugh, bottom 13.
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sit down casanova...bye bye castillo...but c'mon, can't be walking the pitcher!
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This game should be over, Easly was safe at 3rd in the 12th.
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Nats lost.

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ahhh FINALLY!!! just like i called it before the series..

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2 wild pitches and a wild pickoff throw...terrible...smh.
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ok, i'm finally done cutting my wrists...that was so ridiculous. make em hit the !@)(*@#%_( ball!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I'm dying over here man image

Just a couple weeks ago, JRain was going, "WASHINGTON NATIONALS 3-0 BEST TEAM IN BASEBALL imageimageimageimageimageimageimage"

Now they 4-11

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To the Nats going to be a good team this season and to J RAIN:

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image at the walk-off wild pitch. it's not even worth getting all image, just gotta laugh.

at least lannan was absolutely filthy image 6 ip 10 k 0 bb

tonight we face the amazing andrew miller, we'll make him look like cole hamels. the offense is so imageimage right now.

4-12...i still haven't lost faith. 4-12 in the nfl and you're thinking bout the draft, 4-12 in baseball and ya still got hope and 146 games left. we'll overcome and get out of this hole.
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Originally Posted by J Steezzz

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Damn, no need to rub it in. laugh.gif

SMH @ how filthy Hannan was last night, he was hitting every corner effortlessly.

Game was so long however that I almost forgot who the 2 starters were.
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alright, new series, let's win this one. first game against andrew miller. 0-2 with and ERA over 11...c'mon nats, let's focus!
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yea yea yea 3-0 in the 2nd. hold it!!!!!!!
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Nick Johnson!!!!!!!!!!!!
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that was relieving....

hopefully we can actually build some momentum from this win and maybe sweep the fish and get things goin'

nice to see zimmerman hittin the ball hard and getting some hits, he's gonna break out of this slump in a BIG WAY.

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and shawn hill, our "ace", is set to make his first start of the season imageimageimage

trust, the nats are gonna turn it around imageimageimage
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yea, zimmerman started 2-2, but it was troubling that he couldn't get the job done TWICE with the bases loaded...a strikeout and a fielder's choice to the pitcher. oh well, a win's a win. go nats!
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alright, lets win tonight and secure a series win.

LETS GO NATS! imageimageimageimageimage

smh at lopez getting the start over belly for the second night in a row. belly >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> flop.
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^^^ Lopez: hit, walk, and a run smile.gif
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Originally Posted by rsdplaya


ya, kearns is now a whopping 1 for 17 vs the mighty marlins and batting a remarkable .206 on the season. i don't care that he came through in the clutch for the first time in forever, he's WORTHLESS. i borderline HATE kearns and his enormous ears.


that's a depressing loss. there's nothing more depressing than tying it up in the top of the 9th and then blowing it minutes later in the bottom of the 9th. image
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seriously, can we win a series this afternoon? i was hoping for a sweep but that was too much to ask for. never knew wins vs the marlins would be so difficult.

austin "big ears" kearns is batting cleanup image
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your boy got a dinger, but that's all they could muster. with the names in that lineup, it's a shame they can't get 5-6 runs a game.

is young still injured...cuz they could use him in LF possibly.
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