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    Official Robb Bank$ Discussion Thread

    He need to keep workin wit SpaceGhost all that Clams Casino gon make ppl think he another A$AP. Fam pretty funny tho
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    Post Your Unpopular Music Opinions

    -MMG is so repetitive: Wale next album gon sound like Ambition, Dreams & Nightmares gon sound like DC2 and GFID is gonna sound like Rich Forever -Meek Mill the best in MMG and I think everybody in the crew knows this -50 Cent's 2nd best album is The Documentary -If Big KRIT came out around 8...
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    **CHIEF KEEF**

    But half of his Bang mixtape consisted of him rapping over Lil B beats
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    This pretty much validates that A$AP Rocky is a fraud
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    Music broke my heart

    @ ppl  who actually read all the crap fam wrote, I just read buddy's PS. Fam just need to listen to Christian rap and sit down
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    Soulja Boy is now ...........

    Ppl go to his shows and I think his clothing line makes a good bunch too
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    This might be the BEST DRINK ON THE PLANET...

    Yea thats Tea & Pink Lemonade. Idk but Regular & Rasberry Iced Tea dont have or are associated w/ Arnold Palmer
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    This might be the BEST DRINK ON THE PLANET...

    Was in the breakroom drinkin the Strawberry Lemonade and almost zoned out
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    Lipton Watermelon Green Tea...Summertime Crack

    THIS. I wonder where that thread went? I dont Diet is there a version of this that isn't
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    Beats That Everyone Jumped On

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    Classic ALBUM/MIXTAPE Skits/Interlude

    Even tho I dont like skits on tapes they still are appreciated What are some your favorite skits?
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    Gracias Dios Basado

    I feel ur pain.
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    Gracias Dios Basado

    Fool takin ova every genre Rockin BasedGod Comin Soon
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    Vid was kinda lame but thats still my favorite non-Hodgy song
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