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    Vacaville CA Olympic 7s and Retro 5s Restock

    The Nike outlet in Vacaville Ca which is 15 minutes away from Sacramento, Restocked the the Olympic 7s and the retro 5s.  I was able to cop like 6 pairs today. They were strict about how many pairs you could buy. I bought 2 pairs when they first opened and 4 more pairs later that day. They...
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    Official 360 WAVES Thread VoL. Spring Season... Owwwwwwwwwwwwww

    C/S with the carrot oil from sally's Thats all I use
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    New Raffel System To Purchase Retros?

    So I recently decided to come out of retirement from the Jordan game. Mind you I've been out the game for over a decade, So I go down to the mall this Saturday earl to buy the Retro XIII. All of a sudden I see the a few people standing around no line. Then I hear " You have to win a raffle to...
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    Air Jordan XX8 aka 2013, new "Proplate Zoom" Technology OFFICIAL THREAD.

     Straight Trash, LMFA at anyone who pays full price for these LOL..... 
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