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    @jayybirdy we need to get the #taptappull wave going 
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    European Championship 2012, Poland-Ukraine June 8-July 1

    What a game. I work for a Greek spot, so GO GREECE!!
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    The Ultimate Soccer Thread 2011-2012. VOL 2 (EPL,LFP, SERIE A, BUND, ETC.)

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    Post your Twitter Vol. 2012

    @Jae_Tron I'm new to this..
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    Official LIVE BREATHE FUTBOL thread: soccer-inspired clothing: NEW SHIRTS on pg. 7!!

    Sounders tee would be copped immediately...same with the "why always me" tee... xxl...
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    A college admissions strategy: Don't check Asian.

    - I got admitted into the UW last Friday..I'm asian 
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    Photoshop Request - should be easy

    This is why I love NT..
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