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    Nike Cosmic Unity - Nike's First Sustainable Basketball Sneaker (Retail $120-150)

    2/3 Update via Sneakernews updated photos:
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    Nike Kyrie 7

    Got lucky with the mystery box and copped the Expressions.
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    Well since I have to clarify my stance on this, I'll make this quite simple. There is an argument to be made about Reparations being paid to those who are direct descendants of enslaved Africans in a different fashion those those who are members of the African Diaspora who arrived in the U.S...
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    I haven't been in the general forum in like 8 years... that being said... #ADOS is #MAGA. *Dips out*
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    DC Summit

    This is wild funny. We ain’t had a D.A.R. Meet up officially since probably 2012
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    ADIDAS BBall Boost Thread - BYW, Crazy Explosive & Crazy Light & OTHER BBALL BOOST ADJACENT SNEAKERS

    I have a feeling John Wall’s shoe is going to be an off the court model, not an on court performance shoe. The boost on his shoes is more akin to the Iniki/I-5923s than any boost unit we’ve seen on any Adidas basketball shoe
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    I hear you. Valid points. The Xs had a pretty good rollout too. I think a lot of the reason the 15s had little to no Hype is that the release of the 14s was the WORST in the history of the LeBron line given how late it dropped and how the colorways (outside of new interpretations of older Lebron...
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    I'm talking about rollout combined with the model of the shoe. We've had great LeBron's in years past, but the shoes that we released to the General Public were lacking. And then you have LeBron shoes that were not IMO great looking models, that had a great rollout (This is especially true for...
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    So... given the overall dopeness of the 15, combined with the GR colorways, Special colorways (BHM, ASG), Collabs with KITH, and the LeBron Watch drops... Is this the best overall offering we've seen thus far of Nike giving us a Signature LeBron shoe?
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    Official OVO x JB Thread

    I'm mad happy I copped the Black Sz 13s off the OVO site. Was gonna trip flipping, but after I got them in hand on foot, They ain't going anywhere.
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    NIKE AIR 270 & Nike Air Force 270

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