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    Oh I'm sorry, Did I Break Your Conversation........Well Allow Me A Movie Thread by S&T

    Those songs are filled with rich history......
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    May Wrestling Thread | AEW Double or Nothing This Sunday

    God, I am not good at the internet.
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    What was life like in the 90s? Vol. Old heads chime in

    I "forget" my cell phone at home all the time....
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    2017 DMP question regarding durability (couldn't find an existing thread)

    Can you wear these to play ball in? My son plays for a school that has gold in their colors and would like to get these for him, but want to know if the shoes can handle it. Thanks in advance.
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    Jordan 11, Gym Red, White, Black "Win Like 96" 12/09/2017 (Links on 1st post)

    Won my size 12.5 yesterday, just got my tracking #. Can't wait.
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    Did your father teach you to be a womanizer or a monogamist?

    I teach what I'm taught. Be with the one you with. If you want to be with someone else, be honest and truthful. Go from there. Now whether or not my 15 yo son actually does it....(shrug)
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    Jordan 11, Gym Red, White, Black "Win Like 96" 12/09/2017 (Links on 1st post)

    One of these, two of the navy....
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    Will Jordan Brand ever retro the AJ X w/ the toe cap?

    Damn.... I guess if MJ didn't like that element that they wouldn't retro it.
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    Will Jordan Brand ever retro the AJ X w/ the toe cap?

    When the original X white/steel released it had a toe cap. I don't believe any other colorway (or retro) since has had it. Anyone have the insight as to why that is? Or info that a retro may come along that does include the toe cap?
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    MARVEL CINEMATIC MULTIVERSE Thread -*RIP STAN LEE & Boseman* -Phase 4- Shang-Chi Out Now

    I wish that Marvel would have used the Ultimate universe design for BP....with the smaller claws that pop like Wolverines from between the knuckles.
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    Jordan XX3 Retro?

    Just got these....are they good to play ball in? All the same cushioning and what not from the initial release now in the retro?
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    HBO: † "The Leftovers" Series Discussion...†

    Really looking forward to this....
  13. shaft

    Referee XI IE Lows ...

    Got a month to decide.....kinda want them.
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    what are some of your rules of life??

    Have not read the whole thread, but.... If you are the smartest person in the room, you're in the wrong room.
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    Air Jet Flight - Anyone else want to see this return?

    Don't get me started on the Zoom ever. Period. eBay has a ton of 11.5.....I'm a 12. Also, someone (not me) just put up the USC colorway. In a very popular size(EDIT: and VERY expensive) ....WHY eBay WHHHHHHHHHHYYYYY?!?!?!?!?
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