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    **The Official Ralph Lauren Polo Thread**

    Whats good with that Patchwork crest jacket? not sure if it slipped past me or if it hasnt officially dropped yet. anyone have info on that piece? Bless up.
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    Official Call of Duty: Cold War | November 13, 2020

    Battlefield is light years ahead of the call of duty. Downloaded that beta played half a match an deleted it. Next BF better be 🔥🔥🔥🔥
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    Tim Duncan Foamposite max set to re-retro 2020

    After them purple AT3’s and them Air Raids i pray these dont hit snkrs. I hope its jus a Gen release. im tired of striking out on basic kicks that should and woulda been easy to grab.
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    **The Official Ralph Lauren Polo Thread**

    Son pulled up a graph. i jus wanted to see what fits the NTLifers was kickin thats crazy -Mal voice
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    Thread About Biscuitry (TAB)

    The look on OG face when son started talking. Priceless. i could hear the resounding “THIS *****”:rofl:
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    **The Official Ralph Lauren Polo Thread**

    Alotta good men got they head opened because of the style of that second Avi up there. That varsity joint was a PLAGUE in the hood back in the day smh. Had to be official to stunt in that.
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    Official Travis Scott x Jordan Thread ...

    Bet money that mcdonalds stuff doesn't ship till sometime after christmas. I jussss got my one tshirt from that Fortnite drop.
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    Official September 2020 Pick Up vol. Pick Up thread gets no love

    They took pity an actual shipped the Fortnite merch. Bet money thanksgiving will come before Cactus Trails merch.
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    **The Official Ralph Lauren Polo Thread**

    Really wish they’d stop slappin that pony on certain pieces. It looks tacky af to me. Coulda been suttin smh.
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    **The Official Ralph Lauren Polo Thread**

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    **The Official Ralph Lauren Polo Thread**

    Anybody have an Expedition print jacket they can speak to the fit of? Since Ralph not droppin no heat i midas whale tie off loose ends for the fall/winter. Instead of spacing out drops for the heat they gonna wait an oversaturate us like they did last year bet money.
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    **The Official Ralph Lauren Polo Thread**

    The purpose behind the design is noble but what did every other design look like if she won with doing a sketch of Lil Baby on a plain white polo🤷🏾‍♂️
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    Official Terrible Movies Thread!!!

    Nah. I DESPISE Rosamund pike in everything. Her and Skylar from Breaking bad infuriate me every movie they do. Sweet chin music for both um.
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    Official Terrible Movies Thread!!!

    Come to think of it. **** Armageddon. no way in hell we supposed to be savin the damn world an imma watch you smash my daughter. Ben lucky he made “The Town” because Gone Girl and Justice League was both bubble-guts.
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