<< 02.07.07 QS RELEASE AT DAZONE?? >>

Apr 7, 2006
hmmmmm havent been on DAZONE's website in the longest of times but I just recieved this msg. as soon as the site kicked in.... nowwww my question is: COULD THIS BE, (from whats goin around on the JB forums) the longgg anticipated BLACK/CEMENT III QS?????... what u think?
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well on the website it says "call for details" have you tried calling yet? no hate or anything (its always hard to tell on the internet) i wouldnt mind know what its going to be either.
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if its the black cement III the hype value gonna go down on the earlier retros...

its the black spizikes, they're gettin 28 or so pairs.
yeah, call a week prior to the release and u can secure a pair that way bobby.
spiz'ikes really arent that bad, just the dub zero already killed the concept for me

but on its own its an alright shoe
it's the black spizikes releasing at da zone as a QS on feb 7th, they will retail about $250 - $300, and they'll have 24 pairs, they dont kno the size run tho
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Hmm....releasing on my B-day, maybe a nice little present for myself :lol:
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hey fellas,

if any one of you guys are camping out for these kicks, can someone please grab me a size 9? i will pay you for the cost of the shoes and then something extra. PM me if it's possible.

New price, at da zone they'll be $350 flat
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F/S: 4th generation 20gb Ipod silicone case, blue, $20 shipped, msg me for details!
so it works out to $400. Double the price of the Spizike's in the States..and hat's with the tax and conversion...that's pretty pathetic.

Anyways, atleast a spot up here got the shoes, i won't be copping.
looking for the following in a size 12/13 - Hawaii Dunks, Black Spizike's
^ yea. for that price. thats way overpriced.
but at least Tdot is gettin some good stuff
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