1000th post - question about OG 1

Sep 4, 2004
anyone here ever wear their OG 1s? i've been contemplating to start wearing mine (when the snow is gone), i figure they should hold up just fine, but i was curious to see if anyone on here ever wears theirs.

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i sold mine in 01' but i rocked em. even tho they were a size too small lol

D are they DS?

if you have a DS shoe that's older than hmmm say 5 years then you're taking a big risk...
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the ones i'm thinking of wearing are VNDS, but they have been worn back in the day a few times.

i know the midsole will hold up, im just not sure if the "collar" of the shoe will crack at all due to wear.
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ya id chill on that one.... would be a waste of history if u wore it for 5 minutes and it broke. either way from what i hear you got along time to wait before u can wear em anyways
D i wore mine to the gdft/stussy party ...nothing happened in terms of cracking or anything but i was still cautious with the way i was walkin'... they, too, were nds

the color of the shoe shouldn't crack too much cuz you're just gonna be walking around in them, u won't have them tied up tightly to the top, playing basketball in them. and they won't be rubbing against each other like they would when u're running and cutting like u would in a game..
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I hate the crunchy feeling on the inside of mine, LOL...

I think if they've been worn previously they'd be ok but a DS pair is definately a risk...

I have a beat pair of white/black/red's.

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