2007 Business plans (entrepreneurs only)

Feb 12, 2006
I'm sure there's a few entrepreneurial minded heads in here. Personally, I'm not one to settle for a 9-5...I'm about capitalizing on my passions and learning as much as I can through experience.

I respect the fact that some ppl chose to be employees or just stay a customer...just curious to know if there are any producers/entrepreneurs out here...and whats your hustle for 2007 and beyond?
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Buying and selling real estate in the Calgary and Southern Alberta area.
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In high school I was starting to learn about stocks and getting into that field but I didn't really put the time aside to really get on that grind.
Stocks, Auto Sales, and Transportation/Logistics
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damn , u guys behind blunt are from Campbell?

i went graduated there in 03
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i sell random stuff in school, all legal stuff, hoodies, tees, longsleeves etc
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That Blunt thing seems interesting, I'm going to finish reading the media kit later on.

For myself, I'm trying to sell whatever can increase my cash flow. Other than that, I'm trying to keep my eBay store stocked up, and keep my DJ thing moving, and try to have the links that my people need.
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Damn, I never knew Toronto NTers were going through a recession :lol:

Get a job, not everyone's made to be a Donald Trump.
Good luck...
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