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    In order to not make this first post look ridiculous.. Spoilers for everything.

    Starting Pitching
    Masahiro Tanaka
    Grade : A

    31G|14-4 | 199.2IP | 3.07ERA | 3.51FIP | 1.077WHIP | 179H | 75R 65ER | 165 Ks | 22HR| 36BB | 8.1 H/9 | 1.0 HR/9 | 1.6BB/9 | 7.4 K/9

    He was an Ace this year. He was also very durable Career high in Starts & career high in IP. They held him out the last 2 starts due to forearm tightness, but word was if we were in it, he would have pitched the last two starts.
    He had same BB/9 from 2015, and his HR/9 went down from 1.5 to 1.0 with HR/9.

    He was fairly in line with the pitcher he was in 2014. H/9, HR/9 were exactly the same. Slightly up on BB/9 which was 1.4 in 2014, 1.6 in 2016.

    Tanaka was 11th in the majors in WHIP. Which was better than Arrieta, Cueto & Jose Fernandez (RIP)
    K/BB 4.58 was 8th in MLB. His 14.7 P/IP was 2nd in the League (Somehow Ivan Nova was # 1)

    BABIP .266 was tied for 23rd. .236 BAA is 23rd in the league. .272 OBP was 7th. .373 SLG was 21st
    The only concern is his K/9 has tailed from 9.3in 2014 to 8.1 in 2015 and 7.4 in 2016.

    CC Sabathia
    Grade: B+

    30G | 9-12 | 179.2 IP | 3.91 ERA | 4.28 FIP | 1.31 WHIP | 172 H | 83 R 78ER | 152 Ks | 22 HR | 65BB | 8.6 H/9 | 1.1 HR/9 | 3.3 BB/9 | 7.6 K/9

    CC had a great year, but with bad luck. His 5 tough losses was T-6th in the league. Which means he had 5 Quality Starts, where he took a loss. He had 0 Cheap Wins. He should have been 14-7

    He was greatly improved over the 2013-2015 averages. His WHIP was down about 0.100, his H/9 was down 1.4. His HR/9 down 0.3. His BB/9 were up, and his Ks/9 stayed the same.

    CC is pitching like Andy did, which is something I wish came a couple of years ago. He was trying to blow pitches past hitters when he was throwing 90-91, and not his normal 93-96. And there was almost no movement on that patch. This year he seemed to be mixing in a Cutter and a Slider. His FB% from 2014 & 2015 was 56.9% & 56.3%, in 2016 it was only 34.4%. The big difference is his cutter went from 2% & 3% in 2014 & 2015, to 29.3% in 2016. It was his second most used pitch.

    With a Cutter & Slider making up over half his pitches, he’s forcing weaker contact by having movement on his pitches. Hard hits went from 27.2% & 29.1% to 24.7%. Medium Hits went from 56.5% to 54.4%, down to 51.3%, and soft hits went from 16.3% & 16.5% to 24.0%.

    Movement on his pitches changed BA from .297, .281 to .248, BABIP went from a staggering .350 then .317 down to .288.

    All-in-all, CC pitched like a number a really strong # 3. In my opinion, he’s going to be better in 2017 with knowing how to mix in his cutter, having more experience, and more control.
    If he can drop his BB/9 down to 2.75, he could still be a decent # 2.
    I’d still keep him as the # 3 though. He’d match up well against most Rotation’s # 3.

    Michael Pineda
    Grade: D

    30G | 6-12 | 175.2 IP | 4.82 ERA | 3.80 FIP | 1.349 WHIP | 184 H | 98 R 94ER | 207 Ks | 27 HR | 53BB | 9.4 H/9 | 1.4 HR/9 | 2.7 BB/9 | 10.6 K/9

    There’s not much difference between CC & Pineda stat wise, but CC trended in the right direction, whereas Pineda went backwards.

    He led the league in K/9 for starters with 10.6. He’s got the strike out pitch working. But his BB/9 went from 1.2 in 2015 to 2.7. I get there’s some correlation between guys with high strikeout numbers, and higher walk totals, but over doubling his BB/9 when he was already a top flight strikeout pitcher puts him in a place where he can’t succeed.

    Especially since in the 76 IP in 2014m his BB/9 was 3x less at 0.8, and his H/9 were about 30% less in 2014 at 6.6. He’s throwing a lot of pitches, and letting a lot of guys get on base. That’s why he looks like a mediocre 4, instead of the Strong # 2 that he looked like in 2014, and the first couple of months in 2015.
    Metrics for him look good, for example, Contact of pitches outside the zone is down 10%, with the same amount of guys chasing, BUT there’s a counterbalance… With walks up, hits up, and a high amount of pitches used, he isn’t doing himself any favors.

    Luis Severino
    Grade: C-

    His stats with exception to Hits about 2 extra per 9 were almost in line with what he was in 2015. But that was mostly helped by his 11 masterful games as a reliever. But with Eovaldi out for all of 2017, and a flimsy Rotation to begin with, Severino needs to be given another chance as a reliever.

    What I see as the biggest problem for Severino is he only has 2 pitches, Fastball & Slider are over 90% of his pitches. That’s fine for a reliever who only throws 1 inning, but a starter he goes 2-3 times through a lineup, you have to have 3 reliable pitches and 1 pitch you throw in the mix sparingly. If you have just 2 pitches, you are rarely fooled. You sit on Fastball, and can let the slider go because he has to circle back to it.

    On the bright side, Sevey’s slider was actually better in 2016. It was a -0.1 in 2015, in 2016 it was 1.6. Despite his fastball velocity up 1 mph to 96, the value went from 1.5 in 2015, to a -6.

    Seems to illustrate someone who guys will just sit fastball all game. Medium and Hard Hit balls went up 6%
    He needs a 3rd pitch with movement. He throws a changeup 9.9% of the time, but unless that pitch develops significantly, it needs to be his 4th pitch.

    If Severino isn’t good (give him the full year, do not send him down because he kills it in AAA, it isn’t changing things for him) then move him into the bullpen.

    Relief Pitching

    Adam Warren
    Grade: B+ (As a Yankee)

    29 G | 30.1 IP | 1.253 WHIP | 3.26 ERA | 4.20 FIP | 20 H | 10 BB | 13 R | 11 ER | 25K | 6 Holds | 8.3 H/9 | 1.2 HR/9 | 3.0 BB/9 | 7.4 K/9

    Someone I wish we didn’t part with but it was a low risk trade with potential high reward. Fortunately for us, he stunk it up for the Cubs, and we were able to get him back with a bunch of prospects for Chapman.

    Once AW was back, he solidified himself exactly how he did in 2015, a really good 7th Inning Option. The pen is where he belongs, but his versatility to be able to eat 2 innings if we needed him to is extremely valuable.
    Only thing I have a complaint on is he walks a lot of guys, and his HR / 9 doubled from last year. Walks + Homeruns are death shots. Gotta get them in a bit more control.

    Tyler Clippard
    Grade : B+ (As a Yankee)

    29 G | 25.1 IP | 1.224 WHIP | 2.49 ERA | 4.05 FIP | 20 H | 11 BB | 9 R | 7 ER | 26K | 12 Holds | 7.1 H/9 | 1.1 HR/9 | 3.9 BB/9 | 9.2 K/9

    An obscene amount of walks, that alone makes me weary of him as an 8th inning guy, but he was really good for us in the 2 months we have him.
    We have him for one more season, I would move him to the 7th, so we can have Betances in the 8th, and I want Chapman back.
    Just allows for much more depth with him as the 7th inning guy.

    Dellin Betances
    Grade : B

    73 G | 73 IP | 1.123 WHIP | 3.08 ERA|1.78 FIP | 54 H | 28 BB | 31 R |25ER | 126 Ks | 28 Holds | 12 SV | 6.7 H/9| 0.6 HR/9 | 3.5 BB/9 | 15.5 K/9

    If you look at him April – July, he was as good as he was in 2015. .191/.253/.284 slash line. 27 holds (1 less than 2015), 2.50 ERA. 1.00 WHIP, his walks per 9 was down to 2.7 from 4.3 in 2015.

    Then came as a closer where walks bit him in the butt. And he had a few shaky games where he blew a save, specifically toward when the ship sank on our season.

    But overall, his Walks per 9 were down by 0.8 (which still needs to get under 3).

    He will always have a good amount of walks because he throws the Knuckle Curve over half the time, and it is a pitch that is more of a pitch to get guys to chase. He needs to stay ahead of the count, and not waste pitches. Sometimes that Knuckle Curve is all over the place. He’ll throw 3, and 2 were just horrible pitches, and the 3rd was masterful.

    Another thing that seemed to correlate was Hard Hit Balls going from 24.7% to 32.6%, and guys pulling the ball going from 36.1% to 41.7%. Seems like there is something there… maybe guys were able to be early on the fastball. Throwing the KC 56% of the time, he should have guys late and making weak contact on everything because there’s a huge speed differential 97.6 for FB & 84.2 on the KC.

    Although he was actually pretty good as the closer, he seems better suited for the 7th & 8th inning. Since we don’t have a 3 headed monster, he should be in the 8th in 2017. With the levels of pressure being the “closer” especially in NY, it doesn’t seem the place for a guy who walks a lot of guys because his approach is wasting a lot of pitches to set guys up for the K. Throw on top of that, that runners were 21 for 21 on. He has no pickoff move, and his delivery being 6’8” has a lot of moving parts and takes a lot of time to get to the plate.

    If Dellin can trend the right way continually with walks, and learns to just step off to keep guys honest on 1st Base. He would have been infinitely better this season, and been a Top 5 reliever. But his tenure as a Closer would have probably been without much issue.

    Position Players
    Brett Gardner
    Grade: C

    148 G | .261 / .351 / .362 7HR | 41 RBI | 16 SB | 4 CS | 70 BB | 106 Ks | 22 2B | 6 3B

    Always been a quality fielder, got his recognition as a Gold Glove in LF, BUT, on the other side as a hitter, not as great.

    On the positive side, he walked a lot. 70 Walks was 29th in the league. Hence the .351 OBP which was 15th among OFers, despite having the 29th best qualified BA of OFers.

    So absolutely great, but when you look further it’s a bit disconcerting.

    His SLG % was down 52 points from the average of the previous 3 seasons. Due to a decrease in his Home runs by 50% of the 3 year season average before this one, a drop of 6 doubles from the 3 year average. Unrelated to Slugging his RBIs had a drop of 18 off the 3 year average

    Another issue is that despite being our Leadoff guy, and having a high OBP, he only took 20 attempts to steal a base. It really is quite infuriating how passive he can be on the bases. It takes away a huge part of his potential value as a player.

    Fan Graph Stats
    His Groundball rate was 52.3%, up from 45.3, 41.7 & 41.4% in 2015, 2014 & 2013. In conjunction with ISOP (which is how often a player hits for XBH) goes from .143, .166, .140 all the way down to .101
    He really loses a lot of his luster, and what we want from him if he’s not showing some pop in his bat that he did in the last couple years before 2016.

    Jacoby Ellsbury
    Grade: C / C-

    148G | .263 / .330 / .371 9HR | 56 RBI | 20 SB | 8 CS | 54 BB | 84 Ks | 24 2B | 5 3B

    Overall not a great season, but again, there’s always that stretch in a season that Jacoby has where he’s damn great. May 1 – All Star Break… .297/.373/.421 in 57 games. If we could get that for an entire year, we’d have great production, and nothing to complain about from him.

    The problem is he ended up with a terrible April and post All Star Break

    Same thing happened in 2015, the first 37 games, he was .324/.412/.372 Then missed 2 months, and came back and batted .224 over 74 games.

    Jacoby would get B or better grades if he could string together longer streaks where he is a force on offense.
    Another thing is he a looked better as the Leadoff hitter than he was in the 2 Hole. .264/.330/.384 with 5 HR 28 RBIs 16 SB out of 22 Attempts in 81 games. At # 2 .250/.316/.333 with 3HR 25 RBIs 3 SB out of 4 attempts in 59 games.

    For the life of me, I don’t understand why he isn’t leadoff over Gardner. Batting 2nd pacifies you a bit on the bases for the 3-4-5 guys, so Gardner always got some pass for not stealing. BUT Ellsbury has always been the better stolen base guy and a lot more aggressive. Why would you not put him in a position to bat ahead of Gardner who works the count, and walks more. We were much better in 2015 when it was Ellsbury 1 – Gardner 2, and it was cooking for the first 2 months.

    On another note, Ellsbury was great with RISP and that typically showed, he had a lot of huge hits throughout the season. With RISP, .298/.372/.442 44 RBIs in 104 AB.

    To improve, Jacoby should try to work the count more, he was able to translate that into more XBH. His walks need to go up more than anything. Having 15 HRs+ is always there, he just has to wait for those pitches.

    Fan Graph Stats:
    Soft Hits the last 2 years are 24.1% & 22.2%. At his best the previous 3 seasons he was around 17% soft hits.

    Gary Sanchez
    Grade: A+

    53 G | 201 AB | .299/.376/.657 | 20 HR | 42 RBI | 12 2B | 24 BB | 57 K

    No way this play is sustainable. It just can’t be. Especially for a catcher. If it is though, then Sanchez over his career has HOF potential all ready.

    Positives, he has even better power than advertised. He adjusted to pitchers who tried to adjust to him and the scouting report.

    Downside, he wasn’t great against LHP. Sure he still hit 6 HRs and walked 9 times in 63 Plate Appearances.. But he struck out 20 times, and ended up with a .189/.302/.566 slash line. Compared to only 37 Ks in 166 PA versus RHP and a .338/.404/.689 slash line.

    RISP he was also disappointing .163 / .296 / .488 in 54 Plate Appearances. With 4 HRs 20 RBIs 8 BB 20 Ks.
    Going forward, if he’s a # 3 or # 4 Hitter, he’s gotta really improve RISP.

    The surprises, he calls a pretty good game, and is a quality defensive catcher. The one thing that isn’t surprising is that he threw out 41% of runners, 12 % higher than League Average. He has an absolute cannon behind the plate, and as an everyday catcher, a lot of guys will think twice about stealing on him.
    To me, there’s a lot of Pudge Rodriguez in him, maybe not to the extent of working hitters, and ridiculous framing ability, but there’s some serious parallels there to me.

    Fan Graph Stats:
    His .358 ISOP would be first in the league by .053 (David Ortiz .305) and .080 on # 3 Brian Dozier .278

    Brian McCann
    Grade: C+

    130 G | .242/.335/.413 | 20 HR | 58 RBIs | 54 BB | 99 K | 13 2B | 56 R

    The one thing that saves McCann is that he’s a catcher. Because of that his production gets a boost. T-5th in Homeruns & T-9th in RBIs among Catchers, and we did a lot in the last 6 weeks where he didn’t get as much opportunity.

    I also don’t think he’s been getting much help in the lineup around him. He’s had Headley & Didi batting around him most of the season. While Didi was really good at the plate, especially against Lefties, he’s not someone you’re truly afraid of pitching to. And until Sanchez, only Beltran was remotely hitting to help McCann see better pitching.

    As a defensive catcher, he’s still pretty good. His ability to frame has decreased, and he regressed throwing guys out, but he’s still been calling great games. Remember how bad our pitching depth has been from starters, but that in the past few years, pitching has been the reason we ended up with over 80 wins.

    On the other hand, Sanchez is ready. And what we didn’t account for is that he’d be solid behind the plate. No reason not to move McCann to DH (if we don’t trade him). He would be 9th & 11th in HR & RBIs as a DH. BUT, I think we can all assume there would be some boost to his stats playing every day as a DH, and not having to worry about catching and the toll that takes on his body.

    Could we get .250 / .350 / .430 with 30 HR & 85 RBIs from McCann playing 130 games at DH, and 15 as a Catcher? I don’t think that’s a stretch at all.
    While he didn’t have the power? He did hit .274 / .361 / .387 with 3 HR 15 RBI 14BB 21 Ks in 122 Plate Appearances at DH. BA & OBP at that level is amazing, he just has to get the power coming around.

    Fan Graph Stats:
    One really good thing is McCann’s BABIP was at .269, 30+ points higher than Year 1 & 2 with the Yankees, and the highest he had since 2011 at .287
    His Grand Ball & Fly Ball Rate are around where they were as a Brave. He’s only pulling the ball slightly higher as a Yankee 50% compared to a career average of 46.1%. And he was hitting the ball Harder than he did by 4% in his first 2 years as a Yankee.

    Greg Bird

    2015 – 46G | .261/.343/.529 | 11 HR | 31 RBI | 9-2B | 19BB | 53 SO
    .What Bird did well was really stretch the count, and have good at bats. Struck out a bit more than I like, but he wasn’t striking out with mediocre at bats.

    Starlin Castro
    Grade: B-

    151 G | .270/ .300 / .433 | 21 HR | 70 RBI | 24 BB | 118 K | 29 2B

    Really good bounce back year by Castro, he was pretty bad power wise. Went from a .110 ISOP to a .163 ISOP, his ISOP was even higher than 2014’s .146 when he hit .292 had a .339 OBP as well.
    If we can get the .292 / .339 Castro with 2016 Power Castro then we’re really cooking up and down the order.
    Where Castro really improved was his Soft Hits went down 7% and his hard hits went up 8 %.

    Didi Gregorius
    Grade : B+ (A - Based on growth)

    .276 / .304 /.447 20 HR 70 RBI 32-2B 19BB 82Ks 2.2WAR

    SS with 200 At Bats
    13th in BA
    T-27th in OBP
    8th in SLG
    5th in 2B
    T-10th in HR
    T-12th in RBIs
    16th in WAR
    10th in Runs Created (76.0)
    13th in ISOP (.171)

    Where we look at Didi, and say he is a much better hitter than that, is when you look at how he did against Lefties.
    Vs. LHP (SS with 75 Abs)
    3rd in BA .324
    7th in OBP .361
    8th in SLG .473

    Clearly his problem was hitting RH pitching. Where he was .258/.283/.437. He was also 38th in Pit/AB. He has to learn to be more selective. Try to work the count.

    I’d still put Didi 7th in the order because while he was GREAT compared to 2015, he ended up as a average SS. If you look he hit best in the 7th spot in 134 Abs .314/.338/.504 (If McCann isn't around, it's very unlikely he hits 7th)

    What we need from Didi
    20HR 80 RBI 35 – 2B

    And go from slightly over a 4:1 K to BB ratio to maybe a 2.5 -3 to 1 K to BB ratio. Basically up from 19 BBs to about 27.5-33.

    I love analytics, but defensive stats always seem to be a tough measure, and don’t account as well as hitting and pitching analytics do. Defensively he was much better than stats give him credit for. He gave quality range, and his arm strength is vastly underrated when it comes to saving outs.

    Chase Headley
    Grade: C

    140 G .251/.329/.383 14 HR 51 RBI 51BB 118K 18 -2B

    Had a horrible start and end of the season.
    1st 28 Games .178/.265/.178 0HR 4RBI 11BB 21K
    Next 67 (5/12-7/31) .293/.360/.482 10HR 30RBI 22BB 63K
    Final 45 .232/.322/.361 4HR 17RBI 18BB 34K

    He was walking at a pretty good rate, throughout the season, and was able to get his Ks in check as the season wore on.

    Need him to be more consistent, doesn’t need to hit for the average he did in the middle 67, BUT .265/.345/.450 around 18 HRs 65-70RBIs is where we could use him with the walk to strikeout ratio of the final 45 games.
    I didn’t write where he ranked, but with the exception of walks Top 10, he was late teens, early 20s in most stats compared to 3B, not higher than 15th in almost anything.
    His defense has also started to fall a bit, still above average and can flash the leather, but it’s definitely on the decline.
    Next year is likely his last on the team. Would expect this to be his last, but we have no replacement at 3B.

    Tyler Austin / Aaron Judge / Aaron Hicks
    Grade: TA – C
    AJ – F
    AH - F

    None of them can hit, and Judge strikes out like Ryan Howard on steroids. Austin likely the most ready out of any of them.
    Probably put Judge in AAA, Begrudgingly have Hicks on the roster with Ackley as backups. Ackley ends up as more of a Martin Prado playing all over as a backup.

    What I would try to do
    1. Stock up on Mid-Level Talent Prospects
    We are a Top 5 Farm System, so we have plenty of Top Flight Talent (Fraizer, Torres, etc.) What we should look to do is stock up on 45-50 level players in the 20-80 scale. What this does is open up a lot more moves through trade whether it is in the offseason or during the trade deadline. It won’t get us Stars on their own, but makes deadline acquisitions pretty easy without really being concerned about the cost. Think deals like Headley & Prado. Can make those deals without really worrying.
    How do we do this…
    1a. Trade Brett Gardner
    Need to start opening up roster space anyway for Fraizer in the future, and likely and eventual Ellsbury to LF move in a couple years.
    2 Places that Come to mind:
    Nationals - Juan Soto, 18, LF/RF. Lefty Bat & Glove. 55 Hit & Power. 40 Run. 50 Field & Arm. 45 Overall He’s 15th Rank in their farm system
    Giants – Steven Duggar, 23, RF, Lefty Bat & Right Glove. 50 Hit, 40 Power, 70 Run, 60 Arm, 55 Field, 45 Overall. 10th Ranked

    1b. If You Trade McCann (You Don’t Have to, I likely wouldn’t)
    Trade him to the Astros. Best place for his career.
    Be willing to pay half of his remaining salary to sweeten the pot.
    With McCann include a Billy McKinny. McKinny isn’t going to see the light of day behind all the guys we have in the OF. But he’s still a solid prospect.
    Now if I’m trading for McCann, I want a really good return.
    I want back
    David Paulino, 22, 6’7” SP (#4 in Astros Farm), 60 Fastball / 60 Curve / 45 Changeup / 55 Overall
    Albert Abreu, 21, SP (#7 in Astros Farm) 70 Fastball / 55 Slider / 50 Curveball / 50 Overall
    Ronnie Dawson, 21 Lefty Bat, OF, RF (#17th Rank) 45 Hit / 55 Power / 50 Run / 40 Arm / 45 Overall

    Where does that put us….
    Paulino would slide into 6th for us. Abreu probably 15thth. Dawson & Soto both somewhere between 18--22.

    2. Sign Yoenis Cespedes.
    With Gardner & McCann both out of the picture, and only paying $8.5mil for McCann. We saved $19mil. And now have a vacancy at LF & DH.

    Offer Yo 4 year / $100 mil. A 5th season at $25mil, with a vested option based on injuries.
    He will easily live up to the first couple of years in LF, then we can transition him into a DH role.

    3. Sign Aroldis Chapman 4 year / $65mil

    We need a top end arm in the bullpen. We’ve had it dating back to Soriano & Mo, and it’s been a great formula, and a huge reason as to why we haven’t been absolutely terrible while not being a title contender.
    Unlike Kenley he does not have a pick attached to him.
    He’s absolutely worth it. He was when he was here, and proved it again with the Cubs.
    He wants $100mil, he won’t get it.

    Backup: Kenley Jansen at 4 year / $50mil

    4. Aggressively push for Chris Sale

    Offer up: Jorge Mateo, Blake Rutherford, James Kaprielian, Dustin Fowler, Luis Torrens, Ian Clarkin, Robbie Refsnyder & Mason Williams

    Mateo & Rutherford both Top 50 Prospects. Along with Kaprielian all would slide into Top 5 in White Sox farm system. Torrens, Fowler, Clarkin & Refsnyder could all end up in the top 10

    You may say 8 prospects for Chris Sale is too much. But let’s take a look at why it isn’t.:
    a. You immediately restructure Chris Sale’s contract. He has 3 years left $12mil, $12.5mil & $15mil.
    Give him more on top of that and extend it. MLBPA normally does not allow for restructuring of deals unless the player benefits.
    What you do is tell Sale, we will bump all 3 of the next 3 seasons up to $20mil (an increase of $20.5mil over 3 years) if he extends his contract a couple more seasons at $25mil a year.
    Essentially we would have Chris Sale on a 5 year / $110mil contract and locked in from Age 28 through age 32. He’d still be in line for a pretty good deal starting at Age 33, see Price & Lester getting 6yr $155mil & 7year $217 at 31 years old.

    b. Our youth movement would be largely undamaged
    C: Gary Sanchez
    1B: Greg Bird
    2B: Gleyber Torres
    SS: Wilkerman Garcia (Didi has spot locked for a handful of years, so Gleyber moves to 2B)
    3B: Miguel Andujar
    OF: Clint Fraizer, Aaron Judge
    SP: Luis Severino, David Paulino, Justus Sheffield, Domingo Acevado, Dillion Tate

    c. IF Chris Sale is a no go, then you look at Chris Archer, and cut down that trade proposal to Mateo, Rutherford, Kaprielian & 1 Mid Level Talent.

    Then shuffle some mid level talent together our 10-30 prospects and try to add a couple guys to replace Mateo & Rutherford.
    Two Separate Rosters:

    McCann Trade:
    SP1: Masahiro Tanaka
    SP2: Chris Sale or Chris Archer
    SP3: CC Sabathia
    SP4: Michael Pineda
    SP5: Luis Severino

    RHP: Jonathan Holder
    LOOGY 1: Boone Logan (2 year / $8 mil total)
    LOOGY 2: Chasen Shreve
    Long Reliever / 7th Inning Backup : Adam Warren
    7th Inning: Tyler Clippard
    8th Inning: Dellin Betances
    9th Inning: Aroldis Chapman (4 year / $65 mil)

    1 – Jacoby Ellsbury – CF
    2 – Starlin Castro – 2B
    3 – Gary Sanchez – C
    4 – Yoenis Cespedes – LF ( 5 year / $125mil, 5th year vesting)
    5 – Greg Bird – 1B
    6 – Didi Gregorius – SS
    7 – Chase Headley – 3B
    8 – Aaron Judge – DH
    9 – Tyler Austin – RF

    Austin Romine – C
    Dustin Ackley – UTL
    Aaron Hicks – OF

    No McCann Trade:
    SP1: Masahiro Tanaka
    SP2: Chris Sale or Chris Archer
    SP3: CC Sabathia
    SP4: Michael Pineda
    SP5: Luis Severino

    RHP: Jonathan Holder
    LOOGY 1: Boone Logan (2 year / $8mil total)

    LOOGY 2: Chasen Shreve
    Long Reliever / 7th Inning Backup: Adam Warren
    7th Inning: Tyler Clippard
    8th Inning: Dellin Betances
    9th Inning: Aroldis Chapman (4 year / $65mil)

    1 – Jacoby Ellsbury - CF
    2 – Starlin Castro – 2B
    3 - Gary Sanchez - C
    4 – Yoenis Cespedes – LF ( 5 year / $125mil, 5th year vesting)
    5 - Brian McCann - DH
    6 – Greg Bird – 1B
    7 – Didi Gregorius - SS
    8 – Chase Headley – 3B
    9 – Aaron Judge - RF

    Austin Romine – C
    Dustin Ackley – UT
    Aaron Hicks – LF / CF
    Tyler Austin – RF

    What Cash Will Likely Do, And Drive Us Nuts:
    1. Trade McCann to the Braves or the Astros

    2. Sign Rich Hill to be a front end starter at 3 year . $45mil

    3. Sign Mark Melancon at 3 year / $33mil

    4. Sign Mike Napoli as DH 3 year / $40mil
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    Yankees threads die more and more each year.
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  8. kingfoamnyc


    Sep 22, 2008
    Back in the days this would be 10 pages already
  9. mr cashfl0w

    mr cashfl0w

    Jan 31, 2007
    Hey Hey Hey!
  10. domogotsole


    Jun 9, 2012
    Pitchers and catchers before you know it.
  11. macbk


    May 2, 2012
    If Cashman can move Gardner and Headley this offseason :smokin .
  12. nickmaz96


    Dec 27, 2012
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  13. macbk


    May 2, 2012
    Weird trade. For one, IDK who Abreu and Guzman are. Second, why pay that money when you could have kept him and had him DH? I don't think Cashman will be foolish to pay Beltran a multi-year deal at 40 years old, because it will likely get into a bidding war with Boston.
  14. kingfoamnyc


    Sep 22, 2008
    For 6 mill in savings ? Wut
  15. mr cashfl0w

    mr cashfl0w

    Jan 31, 2007
    The Gary Sanchez Era has officially begun!
  16. nickmaz96


    Dec 27, 2012
    Encarnacion will DH :nerd:
  17. donewithjs


    Jan 2, 2014
    Ok time to move Ellsbury now.
  18. essential1


    Aug 2, 2008
    Kicking in $11mil over 2 year, and only got that?

    Bad trade.

    On the other hand, we are not $65+ mil coming off our books, they better be spending... If not this team is more like the A's than they are the Yankees
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  19. essential1


    Aug 2, 2008
    If the Yankees are trying to get under $189m Luxury Tax... Pretty much all they could do is sign a CP.

    This team will likely stink next year
  20. nickmaz96


    Dec 27, 2012
    George would never stand for this :smh: