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May 31, 2004
coming off week 1 after a preseason where most starters barely played, post your stone cold dumbass analysis and sizzling hot takes.....keep the takes turning on a dime from week to week cause that's what we do here...

- the Brady Agenda™ continues to THRIVE. life without Brady for Billy Flabby Boobs:
71-80 Record (35-36 w/ NE)
49-62 w/ 1st Round Picks at QB (22-29 w/ NE)
61-68 w/ Pro Bowl QBs (32-34 w/ NE)
0 Division Titles
1-2 Playoff Record

- Justin Jefferson is numero 1 right now
- so is Nick Chubb
- the Titans losing to the Giants in week 1 is so Vrabel and TEN
- Trey Lance is god awful....half this thread could throw a better spiral
- Joe Cool will be fine. keep that fur coat close cause he'll be byke in it soon enough
- Steelers are toast without Watt and with that garbage offense
- Mac Jones is exactly who we thought he was...a smart QB that can lead but that has an arm that does not belong in the 2022 NFL. 3rd place loading only because the Jete gonna Jete
- Hahahaha Hahahaha v Giants fans is going to be high comedy this season
- Fraud gonna beat up on the Bears and have people fooled. again. dude is a tin foil hat junkie loser
- KC is gonna cruise. Mahomes quietly playing elite football while the league seems to be focused elsewhere. no Hill, no problem...for now
- Lamar looked great hitting wide open pass catchers in a regular season game
- Did Kyler go to the MLB? where was he?
- the gap between the Chargers and Raiders isn't as big as it looked yesterday (not talking score)
- Josh Allen MVP Szn
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Apr 26, 2008
The Cowboys suck. Dak sucks. Jerry sucks. This season is over for us, but I welcome all Ls with open arms.
Fire everyone, minus Quinn. Trade Dak and draft Bryce.
Mar 16, 2010
WIR back :pimp:

  • Pats oline is gonna get Mac killed :smh:. Usually stink in Miami but the only real bright spot was the run game. Don't have much hope for making it back to the postseason rn...
  • Miami on the other hand looks playoff bound, that offense is explosive
  • Philly's offense looked LEGIT yesterday, that defense on the other hand :sick:
  • Mahomes without Tyreek is still Mahomes :lol:, baddest arm in the game. KC's gonna be right back in the chase
  • Wouldn't bet againt Jefferson being considered the best in the league by seasons end. He's about to break a lot of those Vikes team records
  • Speaking of, the Vikes look like they might do something this season. Can't help but be impressed by the way they handled the usual class of the North. They dominated every phase from kick-off to the last whistle
  • Falcons gonna Falcon
  • Speaking of trash O-Lines, Bucs have a big problem there. Those preseason injuries might doom them. Fortunately for them, their defense is looking stout as hell this year, especially that front 7 which is up there with the best in the league.
  • Cowboys season is over before it began after that injury...
  • Trey Lance won't finish the season as the starter.
  • Pitts offense did all they could to give away that W but their defense wouldn't let it happen. They're top 5 and I hope Watt isn't out for long
  • Bengals struggled but it was a tough match-up to open the season, think they'll figure things out over time.
  • Herbert and the Chargers are ready to take that next step
  • Colts on early fraud watch after that tie, I thought they were one of the most balanced teams in the league heading into the season. They've got the talent but look like they'll be inconsistent
  • Kudos to the Giants eeking out that W, good to see Saquon back in form.

Big picture hot takes:

The AFC looks a lot stronger than the NFC this time around

Placekickers should be abolished :lol: :smh:
Apr 25, 2013
- feel like all the kickers know when one is having a bad day. Then missing kicks bug jumps from team to team
- Mac Jones, Danny Jones and Tua. Hump, Marry, or Kill
-that chargers DL really might be OD
-THEEEEEE WRU showed out yesterday. OSU can put every postition in the NFL except QB
-IDK how everyone didn’t hammer ravens -7 that was easy money
-rip cowboys

So happy to see football back
Oct 2, 2012
They Jags played all 4 quarters for the first time in 2 years and got me excited… just to remind me they are the Jags

However, if Trevor didn’t overthrow 2 clear TD passes, Etienne doesn’t drop another TD pass, our kicker doesn’t miss a easy sub 20 yard FG, and if we actually convert a TD when we had 4 tries on the 3 yard line, we ACTUALLY would’ve won :lol:

All that to say, the Jags are going 16-1
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Dec 14, 2004
Hahahaha, so I rewatched the Giants game this morning and had on sports radio all morning.

- Can't emphasize enough how incredible 26 was. He was determined to get that two point conversion, wasn't gonna be stopped no matter who it was. Even was grabbed by his face mask and he was just a wrecking ball. It was great to see him out there running with that speed and athleticism again. Happy for my guy.

- Trash Can Dan's biggest highlight of the game was Daboll yelling at him on the sidelines. Daboll said he was yelling in the mic so the coaches could hear him but he wasn't even wearing a mic. Either way, I love it. I'm sure the players love it. Cause this guy was garbage. Missed all kinds of wide open routes, looked scared and they didn't let him throw the ball the entire last drive until the end when they knew the defense was gonna play the run.

- One of the commentators said if Trash Can Dan keeps running this way, he'll be hurt again in no time. He's so got damn goofy out there. He can't slide or go down. He got hit hard and awkwardly three or four times. I wouldn't be surpirsed if he ends up hurt this week from some of those head and neck shots he took.

- First time being 1-0 since 2016, first time Trash Can Dan has been above .500 in his career. With us winning a game we shouldn't have won and now Rayne Dakota missing a game or two, there's a real good chance we could end up picking 8th or 9th instead of top 3 which ****in hurts bad.

- Titans literally gave that game away. Never been a believer in that team and always thought Tanne was an average *** QB. Letting go of Brown and paying Tanne was a huge mistake. I'd roll with Malik cause you're not winning with Tanne anyways. Taking their foot off the gas in the second half, not handing the ball to Henry on 3rd and 1, taking a TO to kick a FG and then having Tanne run to the side and lose yards. What a nightmare, they looked like the Giants of the last few years out there.

- No ****in clue how the Jets justify starting Flacco over Mike White. Flacco looks like a 50 year old out there, he's awful. Mike White had two good games and one bad game. At least give the fans something to cheer for, what a mistake it is to put Flacco out there. HC and GM gonna be gone after this season if they don't make changes quick.

- Bills look good but with everyone picking them, that never works out. I'd expect a huge choke job or season ending injury somewhere to ruin that dream.

- Rams looked rusty and uninterested but when they said 70% of their starters hadn't played a preseason snap, it all made sense. I expect them to look better in a couple weeks.

- Saints got the win but their HC sucks.

- Falcons and 49ers not drafting Justin Fields is comical, **** even the Giants. I think Atlanta and NY fanbases would feel way different about our teams if we had Fields right now. It's still early for Trash Lance but I don't see it with him. 49ers really screwed him by keeping Jimmy G. That **** is foul, awful move because of their ego and pride.

- Browns looked decent, not sure how they let Carolina back in but they were solid. Run game was money and Jacoby did his job.

- Justin Fields needs to demand a trade. The Bears are horrible and gonna kill his career.

- Pitt has one of the worst offenses in the league, gonna be a long year for that team.

- Eagles winning our division

- Colts were pretty bad but their HC overrated. Going for it on 4th is dumb.

- BB gotta figure out his playcaller cause his current staff is garbage. Not sure if it's an ego thing or what but Patricia and Judge out there is dumb.

- Chiefs looked phenomenal, Patrick heard all the noise. He looks determined, not coasting like he did last year.

- Cards are ****in insane for extending Kliff. Would have fired him midseason last year.

- Raiders hired the wrong guy, not sure how they didn't lose by more. Not a fan of the Chargers HC either, see him do too many dumb coaching decisions.

- I think the NFL is gonna get away from drafting short QBs. The last few have looked bad and their height seems to be a huge issue.
Jun 1, 2011
Shout out to the Giants. Vrabel and all those former Texans they have on their team losing on a Randy Bullock missed FG is vintage Titans.
Feb 12, 2005
- Vikings looked good. We'll see if it continues. 1-0 in the division. :smokin
- Dolphins own the Patriots in Miami
- TJ getting hurt a massive bummer. He can do great things when healthy
- Colts were underwhelming. Expected more than a tie against last seasons worst team.
- Also expected more from Trevor Lawrence
- Monsoon bowl was sloppy. Nothing learned from it
- Eagles are forreal
- Atlanta :lol:
- Was pulling for Baker...might be a long season for Carolina
- I think the Giants will sneak up on some teams
- Put the Raiders on the disappointing list. I don't believe in the Chargers yet.
- Pocket K's will be gone before the season is over. Kyler a bum
- Dallas is done
Jan 16, 2013
In remembrance of the goat

What’s stopping a cowboys / dolphins Super Bowl?

Top 5 -

Jetes 👀


May 31, 2004
- “When I seen the way he slammed the brakes to wait for those Tua passes….” - Adrian Peterson talking about Tyreek Hill

- Mac Jones has no redeeming quality as an NFL QB right now
- Tom be LEADIN leading and treating his teammates like his marriage out there
- Mike Evans defending the GOAT and making me proud out there
- Jameis needs to get that Rx refreshed
- Russell really just went to Denver to be a mile above earth and closer to god
- Nathaniel Hackett making Jeff Fisher look like Don Shula
- CLE deserves every bit of what happened yesterday and does not deserve Nick Chubb
- Giants really doing it for Hahahaha Hahahaha
- Burrow is gonna die out there. on pace for 90+ sacks (last year he was sacked 51 times)

“He’s clearing our defenders faster than a teenager clears his search history.” - Mr. Butt Fumble

Gimme the Vikings and Bills tonight
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