2024 NIKE SB DUNK THREAD_____GRs and QSs added

I wish 😂. I was just getting to high school in 02 and had no clue about SB unfortunately. If I couldn't window shop them at the mall or wish circle them in Eastbay they weren't on my radar 😢. It wasn't until college that I got hip to NT and started frequenting the boutiques and skate shops.

Short story long/TLDR..... I missed these but if I had the money and exposure I would have copped a pair.
Hope everyone is doing good. Latest pick-ups. About damn time we can stroll in a shop a buy for retail. Peace!
Went to a Skateshop yesterday here in Houston(Geometric). No Dunks whatsoever.

Ishod 2s look cool, but didn’t try them on. Still haven’t even wore my all white pair I bought from Zumies.
Put that man’s business out in the street for no reason lol

He was open about his looking for a place to live here on NT.

Nothing wrong if it’s genuine concern.

Yeah, I just want to make sure he's ok. I didn't know he didn't have a home until I realized I hadn't seen him post for a while and looked back on his previous posts in threads I'm not in.

A lot of homeless folks go missing every year, and some just become forgotten. I don't ever want one of our NT folks to be forgotten. I know if I was having some personal struggles and suddenly stopped posting here after being a regular for 10 yrs+ I'd hope someone would want to make sure I'm ok.
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