Nike SB x Jordan IV Navy - February 2025

Spring of 2025 would have:

Black Cat 3s (rumored to have been pushed back.)
SB 4s
Black Metallic 5s
Cool Grey 9s
Flu game 12s

Idk what to pass on but these (Navy SBs) are making a strong case for themselves to be purchased.
If you have to choose only one to pass on.. I'd say the sbs.
K Kierris lmfaooooooooooooo omg. I literally just saw that and was about to post in here. Yeah, hard pass on the “Bloodlines” (acknowledge me). I have the 2016 flu games and I’m glad I didn’t sell them in haste anticipating the alleged 2025 pair. Wow.
💯 in…

I wear the green pair more than any other shoe I have at this point…Most comfortable 4 since the 99’s and that’s no exaggeration…
Im in. Got the green pair, but I went a half size too small and would love a 11.5 pair. Plus im a diehard Dallas fan so I love navy. Ive worn my green pair so much because of the comfort. I really need to clean em.
Crying at Sole Retriever being a credible source :lol:
If Z, SneakerFiles, or someone else posts it in the next few days, then you got it, you were right.
Until then keep celebrating unfounded rumors :lol:
Dude brought the CVS receipts. :lol::lol::rofl:
🤫 another one…carry on
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