6/7 WWE Extreme Rules PPV - Edge vs Hardy Ladder Match, Orton vs Batista in a Steel Cage

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It's hard to get excited for Raw anymore. It's really turning into a chore to watch. I wish there was NBA tonight, but there isn't. ExtremeRules is this Sunday where we have Batista vs Orton in a cage and Cena vs Big Show in a submission match. Oh yeah, Santina vs Vickie Guerrero in a Hog PenMatch. The direction Raw is headed is not a good one. If Vince thinks he's putting a quality product out, he really needs to step down asap.

For tonight:

*MVP vs Kofi Kingston for the US Title
*Maryse & Beth Phoenix vs Kelly Kelly and Mickie James
*The Big Show and The Miz vs John Cena and a Mystery Partner
*Batista vs Cody Rhodes or Ted Dibiase Jr in a Steel Cage. The opponent will be determined via a coinflip by Randy Orton.

What's even the point of the last match? Have Batista face interchangable jobbers in a steel cage. Is that really entertainment?

If John Cena's partner is Hornswoggle, I'm turning Raw off for the rest of the night.

Ric Flair will further tease the chance to forever tarnish his legacy.

Comedy from Santino that will hopefully be funny tonight. Note: Santina is not funny.

Another failed tag partner for Brian Kendrick?

MVP vs Kofi should be a good match if it's given more than 4 minutes. That might be asking a lot.

It's really sad that Raw's this painful to watch.
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Yeah I feel the same way if theres no games on I feel like i'm obligated to watch this crap, i'm so used to it.
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I read somewhere that Flair won't be wrestling in the United States ever again, much less for WWE. I don't mind him wrestling overseas since thegeneral public doesn't necessarily pay attention to overseas promotions anyway.
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I'm just surprised that Raw is THIS terrible without HGH being on TV for over a month. You would think no HHH = instant rise in product quality.

It might be time for Vince to come back in this classic dictator role.


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Originally Posted by 4wrestling

*The Big Show vs Cody Rhodes or Ted Dibiase Jr in a Steel Cage. The opponent will be determined via a coinflip by Randy Orton.
i think you mean batista
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any news and notes?

i want mvp to turn heal or even kofi, something has to give

amd i wouldnt be surprised if cena's partner is the king.....sigh
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My fault for no news & notes last week...they're done now, but since it's only a few minutes before the show starts...I figure I'd drop themafter RAW ends to avoid it being cluttered.

I made up for last week though, lots of stuff being posted.

From the other thread
Originally Posted by JohnnyRedStorm

DSK slacked hard this week
Ol boy better be in DR with no internet.
Originally Posted by Je Ne Sais Quoi

Dude on his PS3 playing KZ2 all the time

My fault y'all. Nah Ninong, I've chilled from KZ2 these past couple days...playing WAY less than before since college vacation started. And to behonest...my interest in wrestling is decreasing by the week...RAW just hasn't been doing it and I'm not gonna stay home every Friday night to watch SD.

Since there's no basketball tonight, I'll watch RAW live...looks like this episode's gonna be trash though.
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So who does everyone think the mystery partner will be?

I'm thinking HHH.
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So not only is Flair ruining his legacy... but he's doing it with absolutely no build up on Raw.

Absolutely terrible. He's a joke


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Ric Flair isn't gonna stop until he literally dies wrestling.

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