___!!!Official Winter 2007 Summit Brainstorming Thread!!!___

Jun 3, 2006
Let's get a summit going fools, everyone's been asking for one but noone's had the initiative to start one up...

I know MTL Troopers can get that same gym as last time easily, so that's a starting point for a location and a meetup spot before we decide what to do...

Things on the agenda:

a) Location(s)

-- The gym should be the initial meetup spot, we can chill, play ball, have shoe competition, polly, POKER, etc...

-- If we could get a gym at CNE, Ryerson, ACC, or wherever downtown probably would be best to make it easier for everyone to travel and find...

-- Then depending on what activities the group wants to do we can go eat, check out a strip club, whatever...throw out some suggestions

b) Time/Date

-- I know some cats got school and work, so usually a Saturday is best, any dates that are good for everyone? Start throwing out dates you can and can't do...

Or if this season is too busy/hectic for everyone this could be a pre-planning for a summer summit.

c) Role call

-- Post up if you are interested in going or not I know some cats lurk and some cats have been MIA so again like last time a semi-list I'll keep updated would be great...

-- I guess last time we had a NT/ISS summit so we can include parties from both forums, but I'm sure most of us browse/post both so that won't be a problem.

d) Activities/Food

-- Maybe if you don't wanna go eat we could have potluck or bbq or some @#%$, just a suggestion, or bring $ each person and have someone cop food a la filipino parties style coppin' that chinese food tray jawn

-- Things to do...movie, club, ball, eating pretty much seems to be the usual protocol, maybe if you wanna switch it up or throw some other ideas around for competitions or activities let's hear 'em...

In addition, if you can look into getting some kind of support, donations, sponsering or appearances by anybody of note then please look into it...

Let's get this cracking word to goldenarmz

count me in obviously... ball / food / general socializing. sounds good to me.
..reppin durham region. pickering/ajax HOLLA. say word...​
I'm good if it doesn't conflict with any work and the weather isn't this freakin' cold...
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it would be dope if we had the summit at ACC! i say we just throw this summit up in sauga! HAH!!
i'm there regardless
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im down.... count me in... i'll bring some balut!!!....yessss
"....its like CRACK to a JUNKIE...."
do you have to be 18+ for this event? because im only 16 but this sounds real interesting and i'd love to come
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Why not :pimp:
The ACC... That would be crazy, but would you make it a huge event and do some mass advertising for it?
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we did had one at the raps's practice court, that one was nice

yes, first from the milk carton list to post in here :pimp:

nah i never ever rocked exco, bought exco, knew kids that rock exco, had friends that rocked exco. NEVER ASSOCIATED with exco NEVER -Trev aka Dr. hell No.
When Terry is in a post you know it's official.

He probably already called Ant to schedule this week to practice on no look passes and plays etc. :smh:
you can count me in, this time ill come extra early to see if i can still run and jump without my knees giving out :rolleyes
. and maybe someone'll pick me for their team. PICK ME COACH! i'm turning 19 soon so if theres a summer thing happens i can tag along with yall to a bar :pimp:

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~~Wow..Terry posted earlier than me...
Yes....lets try to set a date ~~
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So after midterms? After reading week/march break?

Let's get some dates thrown around...

Feb 17, 24

March 3, 10, 17, 24?

Take a look at your work/exam/vacation schedules and post up whats good and whats not good for you...

Those that can arrange a good gym or meetup please look into it ASAP as it takes time to book and arrange a gym...

How about going to a Raptors game?

I know there are some UofT/Ryerson ticket deals for mad cheap...and there are a few NT'ers I know that have the hookup on tickets, what do you guys think?

Only problem with a Raptors game is a) its on a Friday night (Leafs usually own ACC on Sat night) and b) some people might not like Raptors/basketball/wanna pay for a ticket to go.

Just throwing ideas out there...

reading week sounds nice. hopefully this summit pulls through.

*wow that was ******ed, i wasnt logged in and i was able to post and when i tried to edit, it wouldnt let me until i logged in. weird.
Raptors game sounds good to me. I wouldn't mind eating either but I'm always hungry so whatever. I'm down for balling as long as Terry, Ant and Simz are playing, lol...

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Count me in.

As far as th raptors game, i have a connect that can possibley do 8 seats together, upper bowl, row one. for uner retail for most games.

I know its only 8 and there would prob be more intrested but hey, its a start
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