Joined Aug 1, 2004

i slam porsche doors
i slam benz doors
2 seater, what i need friends for

i'm da game http://*****magazine.org/sites/default/files/imagecache/thumbnail-issue/images/issues/covers/buzz.jpg?

im in dat range http://www.volunteer.blogs.com/winewaves/images/*****_barossa_grenache_2004.jpg

diamond chain http://www.tonycreed.com/images/new/*****SkullRing.JPG

diamond range
Joined Aug 1, 2004
mafia's town 1-3
harlem to hollywood

those 5 mixtapes will keep you entertained for a good minute.
Joined May 9, 2007
Blockhuggin with chubbie baby, ruger, 40, jr =

Yada Yada Yada=

My hood=

my only gripe with dude is that his voice sounds mad amateur. liike when one of your boys record music in someobodies basement and they all yellin over thebeat
Joined Apr 12, 2008
Originally Posted by vezon

A-mafia on yada yada yada
You already know...

"That's why I'm poppin' clips
I let my profit flip
Mafia, I'm not a $$@!%
Hop outta topless whips
I'm from Harlem where it's not a game
_'s will rob you for your rocks and 'caine
Just so they can cop a chain"

YO! Since we on the topic of Dipset...

Does a FULL version of Get 'Em Girls part 2 exist? All I got is the 1 minute joint by J.R...this %#*$ is killin' me.
Joined Aug 1, 2004
da only get em girls out is da original preview beat wit writer...then da altered beat on purple haze...


you don't wanna F wit me wit my lead up smokin, go against purple city get yourhead bust open!!!

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