A Tribe Called Quest in Berkeley?


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Damn.....too many good stuff. I am going to try to make this show. One of my favorite rap groups ever....
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The link shows the date of the show LAST YEAR. I bugged out when I first read the post and linked it to my lady who is a huge ticket-meister when it comes to these concerts and performances. She quickly crushed my hopes pointing out that this was the concert from last year that we attended.

Show was tight, aside from the annoying NBA 2k7 ads everywhere, the show introduced me to some other artists I done never heard of. The Procussions were hella good even though they weren't recieved that well by locals and Rhymefest had some good tracks. I don't recall if Time Machine also performed, I may be mistaken.

Tribe rocked the house as I expected.

Long story short, I think its an old link referring to the show last year.

Since I'm talking about performances, has anyone seen the musical "Avenue Q"? I went to the perf this past Tuesday and I must say the show was VERY entertaining.
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