Aaron Hernandez charged with murder

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tried to tell my boy they dont care if he plays for the pats lol..dude was swearin up and down he's not going to get charged with murder
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Figures, that's why they made him do the perp walk and didn't execute the warrant for obstruction on Friday.

If it was simple obstruction they would have just had him turn himself in.

I wonder if New England had inside information and knew it was a murder charge.
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He's obviously guilty for getting professional cleaning n destroying phone n home security. . O wells .. wat a waste
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Interesting to see this playout with twitter and media the way it is now. I was too young to remember or understand anything about the OJ or Ray Lewis trials.
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I wonder why didn't the other people with him didn't get charged with something. If anything to put pressure on them to testify.

Four of them leave, and three of them come back?

The other two didn't see anything or wonder what happen to the other guy?
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He's obviously guilty for getting professional cleaning n destroying phone n home security. . O wells .. wat a waste
Mad fishy, I aint gone lie if I had nothing to do with it I'd be telling the truth. To go from millions of dollars to jail, nah playa.
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Do you feel bad for him if he is guilty of shooting the Florida man in the face and killing the other man?
That guy that accused him of shooting him in the face seems like he's just out to get a check. He claimed that he didn't know who did it at first. No criminal charges were filed but he waits and sues him a few months later. But he did a bunch of very suspicious stuff after this guy was murdered. I said I felt bad for dude because he had a bright future ahead of him I hope he didn't ruin it by doing something stupid. I thought everybody was innocent until proven guilty lets not jump to any conclusions.
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have you seen any of the evidence first hand?
Nope, but what reason does he have for destroying his security system and his phone and hiring professional cleaners to clean his house before the cops inspected it?

At the least he'll most likely do time for obstruction of justice, but it seems pretty obvious he was part of the murder somehow.
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idiot.. just signed a fat*** contract.. now he gonna be sitting behind a cell for a long time.

That big mansion he was living in down the drain.. now he's staying in a tiny room 
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I don't feel bad for him at all and no one else should either. You make bad decisions in life and face the consequences.
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