ACG Inspired plus AM97 Silver AF1's pics for '08


im not even into AF1's but they all look :pimp:

thanks for the pics.
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If the AM 97 X AF1 Have 3M those are copped for sure no matter the price. Gotta step my 3M collection up and those will be a nice addition cant wait.

release the damn shoe that the colorway BELONGS on. ill never understand this copying. the af1, air max 1, air safari 87, air max light, are all so dang similiar that reproducing the colors onto another model disgraces the orginial.

sad sad.

its been almost 8 yrs since the retro of the air safari. DO THAT one please.

i will say quality looks nice. just please dont make these premium or hard to obtain with a high price tag. nike always has one sort of downfall.
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Those ^^ are nice 4 5
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Thanks for the pics.

Safaris are a must, 97's are better then expected but I got to hold them in my hands first.

Overall I Iike the 95's the best.

Maybe I sound like an old fart but I remember when helping people out was part of the fun in the community.

Its Indiana
mac, thanks for the clarification. i sold my pair a few years back and didnt think they were that new. i still am puzzled at how they feel theyll sell better than the retros in 2003, when in reality the model styles are so similiar that its almost not worth reintroducing
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Safari's are pure dopeness! My only complaint is their sole. They would look better with a tan/gum sole. The others are decent too.

edit: I can't wait to see what the AM90s looks like.
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no idea what the first ones were inspired by, but to me, they would look iller with a black midsole and yellow outsole.

gum sole on the safaris would take it to the next level.

oh, and the "97" ones remind me more of the neutral gray/silver Jordan I retro+, and the Tony Parker dunk in the same colorway.

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Damn, those safari's look VERY FAMILIAR.
I don't recall how old this pic is, maybe 2-3 years ago?
Hopefully SBTG has a check in the mail? :nerd:
*pic taken from Rift-Trooper
Wow! Those customs murder the ones dropping next year! Nike take notes.... right! haha
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Air Max:SafariAM1sAnimalAM1sCrepeAM90stAM95s
i cant find the orginial shoe for the grey/black/yellow pair. anyone have a photo? i know where the other three come from obviously. that first one though, i cant find anything
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Jesus those Safari and Lime 90 joints are redairkulous.
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Yea, I remember SBTG had made a safari custom in a NT custom contest...looked much better, actually.

And this whole air max, etc. x AF1 thing is sad. It's ok for photoshop/custom contests but when Nike is actually producing them this way it shows a lack of creativity since they are more focused on milking classics instead of creating new ones.
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