Adidas KB8 II feet you wear retro?

Joined Jul 21, 2006
i know these werent the best looking kobes out, but since adidas has basically retroed all the other ugly kobes already, why didnt they do the kb8 II?
id def. cop both the black and white colorway with maybe an exception of the purple one
Joined Jul 13, 2005
i would like to see these as well. id cop for sure. and honestly, i dont think theyre that ugly. i actually like em
Joined Feb 1, 2002
They were released back when I was in high-school and bring back good ol' memories.
Please Adidas, retro these. I'd cop 2-3 pairs at least. Hope to see them retroed one day.

There was one post in this sub-forum few weeks back with that link to an Adidas web-site promo.
I spotted there the KB II together with the other actual models. Should this mean they are going to be retroed?
Joined Nov 8, 2004
i still have my original KB8 II's with hardly any wear and tear on them which is pretty good considering their age! I might have to break them out for summer; bloody comfy shoes.
Joined May 30, 2003
Love those shoes...

They're one of the only non-Nikes that I've been waiting to see retro, and I'd buy them the day they release if they come out in OG colors
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