Adidas TS Lightswitch...

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they fit a tad better than the gil 0s, and in terms of running and stuff it's a lot less clunky than the gils, almost like a running shoe. very good fit,everything is secured and locked down. no irritating seams or stiching on the inner, so it's a plus. i love the gils and the lightswitches equally, onlybecause the GR colorways of the lightswitches suck pretty bad in comparison the the blue/rust colorway of the 0's...
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Does anyone know if adidas is going to release the black/white-metallic silver Duncan Lightswitches (like the ones he wears for away games) or indeed ifhe'll stick with those or the black/white Lightspeeds we've seen for the playoffs??? Thanks in advance!!!
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i wasnt impressed with the gil 2 zeros, it slips my feet when playing ball. and it isnt that soft unlike the first gile zeros. true, its less clunky, but thefirst gil zeros fit much better. if you're copping a pair, isuggest you cop half size smaller than you're true size.
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