Affordable auto paint job spots in the bay ?

Jul 14, 2007
I'm in the process of negotiating a deal for a IS 300. The problem is that the black paint is in poor condition, and will definitely need a new paint job.

My question is

Where can I find an affordable, but good quality shop to get it done? What is the general $$ for a good quality paint job ?

Thanks in advance.
me and my dad just opeaned a body shop if you want come in and we can give you an estamate and give you a good price
WhErE my SaLvAdOrIaNs At ?!?!?!?

That's a lot, I'm going to have to re-consider buying a 102k miles car.

There definitely needs another coat of the same color, but at say $4000 :[.
Are the scratches down to the primer, was it keyed? If not, you can have a detailer look at and tell you if he can make the paint look better. Go to and look/post for a detailer in your area.
socal is definitely cheaper and provides way more options for car enthusiasts.
but it's just supply and demand.........way bigger market & place down there. more than 1/2 the heads down there have hooked up rides....from young bucks still in HS to the old geezers in their pimped out S-Classes & Bentleys. you simply can get around/function real well w/out a car down there, so most folks usually do theirs up. hella folks are real image conscious down there too.

i gotta say tho. the scene/peeps in The Bay have really changed and stepped things up over the years. the cars and shops up here used to be real sorry.
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im telling you come by our shop we can give you a good price
WhErE my SaLvAdOrIaNs At ?!?!?!?
^^^ :smh:
There's a spot on Valencia that I hear is really good. My boy brought his truck there. A NTer also mentioned the same place, but I forgot the name and address. Anyone know?
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