Again, Nike can't be serious can they?

Mar 22, 2001
@#%$ is this gucci/LV lookalike garbage.....


Unfortunately two years ago I missed out on the Diamond Dunks aka Tiffany Dunks. Preceding the release of those and even more so afterwards, diamonds have made appearances on many sneakers and clothing. These Dunks caught our attention, but not for the right reasons.

All over prints are played out, plain and simple. On top of that an all over print of diamonds should never make its way onto a Dunk unless its a collab with Nick Diamond. Lastly, the shoes have an earth tone color pallet and suede uppers. I am yet to see a diamond pendant hang from a hemp chain, but maybe theres a new trend I am not aware of. Rarely do we put down a shoe, but we couldnt hold our silence about this one.

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Nike is serious..... seriously garbage.
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go bears
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Found my sertig's... now i am on the hunt for some Union 180's sz 13 DS or NDS
agreed...these look like a really bad PS idea.

apparently theyre just slappin any ol thing on a shoe now? I dont know, I just have higher expectations from the people at Nike. I mean its 1 thing to have this idea come up, but for it to actually be approved to be made?

I mean that SB jumble "what the dunk" crap, and this?!?! these shoes were approved by somebody?

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i actually really like both colorways, especially the black/tan. like a lot.
but just not with the diamonds all over it. yuck


those are so ugly that they look like fakes

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The sad thing is....ppl will actually beast on those.
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those black ones have custom potential......maybe just cop to alter the design and get rid of those diamonds
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I like the shoe except for the diamonds.
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please tell me its leather as well. if so then copped. i have my reasons
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If those come out those well sell VERY well no matter what we all think about them...
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Yeah, but they know some poseurs are going to drop some serious money on them.

Don't flame, you know some of you guys helped to create this SB monster.

I remember looking at the product catalog in 1997 at work and seeing maybe three skate shoes.

Then Nike stopped. They didn't sell.

Then people demanded it again after 2002.

Now it's a beast.

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I dont even follow dunks but I know those will sell for sure. Complain if you want, but beasts crave this wacky/tacky stuff.
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