Air Jordan 11 Retro- Black/Red “Playoff”- 12/14/2019

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They look good. Cut is nice. Not many imperfections. Only gripe is the “carbon fiber”. Looks terrible. But carbon fiber on 11s has looked bad for awhile...I’m pleased overall tho
My pair just came in too...CF is straight buns but everything else is on point...Might be a notch above last years Cords for me at this point...Just off of first reactions...

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Both pair look great. But not gonna choose by pics of one pair taken with Flash and the other in natural lighting and with dif angles.
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So no red tint. Oh well.
Not even a little bit...White edge on the patent leather makes a huge difference though...Definitely what’s been missing on all the previous retro’s...At least for me...

Medial side is perfect height. Slightly lower than the cords. I know this will vary but I hope most pairs look like this.
Yeah it’s much better all around on these...Seems like they play with it every year since the Space Jams but this year they got it perfect...At least on this pair...
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