Air Jordan 7 Milwaukee Bucks Ray Allen 6/22/19

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No leather is just terrible. I mean c'mon man use tumbled leather like the PEs. Is it really that difficult.
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As a Ravens fan, I’m digging the black and purple but I’m hoping that green on the sole isn’t as noticeable in person. If it isn’t, these are a must cop.
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As a Ravens fan, I’m digging the black and purple but I’m hoping that green on the sole isn’t as noticeable in person. If it isn’t, these are a must cop.
Always been a fan of Ray,
but that green ... :sick:
Apparently I looked too quick at these...
I didn’t even notice the green until your comments lol.

Still nice, but I would prob paint the green black on the midsole pods
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As far as the insoles and no 34 etc? ..I’ve given up being invested in the game they play creating a story/gimmick to push a shoe vs the execution of what I/‘we’ feel it should have been. I can understand people being more purist in their outlook, but I just don’t care like that. Blah.

As far as these being Ray’s? Eh. lmao. They’re obviously NOT. But, again, not an issue to me personally. It’s all a game. Do the idea justice or don’t, has zero to do with whether or not I’ll buy it. I’m not emotionally invested like that. I probably WAS. Years ago. But. I’m good with that at this point.

Far as what these actually appear to be? ‘Bucks’ VIIs? I mean? That green just isn’t for me. If you’re a Bucks fan these maybe flmes to you. IDK.

Me, personally? I have a thing for purple. That tongue, set off by the black upper? Yum.

I’ll buy these. I’ll paint them. There will be NO green left. And, I’ll do it because I like purple and because VIIs are pretty tanky imo, NOT because the brand put Ray’s name on them.

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Maybe on big sizes, but not pairs I’ve seen and own in my size. And in some ways, the OG has more of a banana shape compared to the bulky retros anyway
I wear a sz 12 and

They’ve been remastered since the Hare/Flint/Bordeaux release. I’m fine with the new shape. 2011s had the rounded off short ears, which I still have a Bordeaux from then DS.
Nah, not even. I feel it's disrespectful to call any 7 from 2015 and up remastered as far as men sizes go. Shape is worst than anything from 02'-12' minus 04' Olympic and 12' GMP. The shape on mens pairs would be the focus issue to remaster imo. At least with the 4's they fixed the banana shape of the midsole. They have better paint jobs on the midsole for the most part. They fixed the direction of the netting and have the correct lower lace tab with the wings on it. All they have to do now is make the upper a little bit higher. The shoe doesn't have to be as bulky as the OG but just high enough to be a great retro. The "remastered" 7 is going in the wrong direction imo. Any DS OG 7 I've seen looks like a larger version of how GS sizes have looked for years. That's how mens should look. Just go to StockX and type in Jordan 7 and look mens pics compared to any GS pic. It's disrespectful.


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Why have ray Allen logo on the insole but no 34 or any actually logos on the shoe to make em a PE?

So stupid
Makes no sense to me either.
Ironically Ray didn't get that branded logo till he got to the Celtics, the R and the loop on the Y make the #20 he sported while in Boston.

This has always been my biggest gripe with Nike regarding PE's being released.
Sometimes you don't need to give everyone a logo or special colorway.
Sometimes all you need is a small detail like the payers number stitched into the heel pull tab or somewhere along the heal. Clean, simple, and to the point.
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How is it a Ray pe if Ray never wore the colorway ever before? Sorry if asked already. To me its more of a tribute shoe than a pe.
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What’s the problem with this?
These and most recent retro 7's in men sizes have the only hunch back, where as OG's and GS sizes have the nice straight back and midsole. The midsole on retros start to go upwards after the peaks at the forefoot, whereas OG's and GS sizes continue downward or even out.
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