Air Jordan IX (9) Retro 2010 - Powder Blue / *UPDATED 4/16 - RELEASE DATE MAY 29

Jul 18, 2009
AJ IX Powder Blue 2010 Retro
Colorway: White/ Black- Dark Powder Blue

Here's a new Video

Pics, courtesy of Marquee Sole

JB has the release as MAY 2010. No specific date yet. I will keep updating the thread as I get more info.

These are going to be DOPE as hell! Damn they're sexy.
OH WOW oh wow OH WOW ....

there looking very nice.

Ill be copping FOR SURE
if the release version is like this one, it would be my first pair of Jordans since OG XIIs.

the pair in the photo are samples? samples always look on point and quality-wise.
I hope the release version looks like those. JB is known for switching it up on us' I can see them throwing patent leather on these just to laugh @ us.

My favorite pair of 9s behind the Charcoals.

Cannot wait, and probably the only Retro 9 this year that i will double up on.
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