Air Jordan VI Retro 25th Silver Anniversary White Metallic Silver First Images

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^^Likewise..i hope all the anniversary collection rots and yellows on shelves for mad long


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Thanks for the pics. I'm passing on all the Silver Anniversary J's too much white. These are going to be a nightmare trying to keep clean and when they yellow
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Originally Posted by 23RAKIM45

Where's Zero 0123 with a translation of the info on that site?
Haha, whenever something like this pops up, hit me on the PM. I'll translate this later tonight. Damn the lining on those looks
I like.
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i'd cop em, waitin for the white silver V's to come out again, tryin to get all white 1-5 now these would be on the list too, they look clean
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jb is makin it easy for me to pass on ALL of the silver anniversary series.

I would rather have this whole anniversary series in all black, then i would prob cop all of em.


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is that elephant print on the inside, jordan really cheaped out with this silver collection, the 3s and 4s are exactly the same as a few years ago , and those 6s seem like they just switched the sole and called them motorsports, if jordan brand did this just to cut costs thats type sad
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I would like to see some better pics.  I'm trying to be selective with which anniversary shoes I'm going to get. 
I only need so many all white shoes.  Maybe they will do all black next.  I know some people can't stand the
solid colors but I like to have a few shoes like this.  I would absolutely love to  have some XIs in all black. 
Black upper, midsole, patent, sole, everything.
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No thanks.  And people are supposed to seek these out?  I wouldn't wear these if they found me and showed up on my doorstep. 
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Originally Posted by GeNeRaTiOnZ

Yo! Am I bugging or do I see a Jumpman on those SA Jordan XIs
Nope. There's a Jumpman on them. Ppl still saying they're samples though. We'll see when they're released.
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